Anything Could Happen August: Taking A Break From Blogging

I don’t like August.

It’s too hot outside.  Too humid outside.  Too pollen-y.  And there’s not one holiday to celebrate during all 31 days of it.

It is boring.

So instead of straining my brain to have something to say here during a dull time of year, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging until September.

Why not do something different?

In other words, my gentle readers, I’ll be around the blogosphere from time-to-time, but I plan on spending most of my free time lollygagging and frittering my days away like a non-blogger.

Just to see how the other half lives.

Later, kids.  Catch you on the flip side.

24 thoughts on “Anything Could Happen August: Taking A Break From Blogging

  1. I don’t blame you at all about taking a break. We have been so hot since the beginning of July. Today’s high is 100, which has been the norm, with a heat index of 108. Even swimming is no fun. The pool water is like bath water. The best thing to do is to stay inside and read, or clean (which is no fun and I hardly ever do unless I’m so bored with everything else), or go to a movie. I like warm weather, but this is ridiculous! Best of luck on your cool list of things…the circus?!


    • Beth, the weather here is so humid that I feel like I’m walking through liquid air. I have no energy and considering I’m allergic to August pollen, I can’t see straight. I enjoy keeping a personal blog, but if I’m not doing much of anything I have nothing to write about, now do I? 😉

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  2. You didn’t list an “all of the above” selection in your poll. That would be my vote. I am actually participating in an August Break as well, but mine is taking a picture a day in relation to prompts given by Susannah Conway and then writing about them. August 15th is Unicorn for example. Hope you find time to catch one or two of them on my blog 🙂 Happy summer!

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  3. I love August. Our anniversary, the return to school, the state fair, all the Leo birthdays, and my speedwell bloom — Omagosh, Ally, you should peek in when I post the speedwell photos!

    But you’re right, it’s too hot, the weight in the air is almost too much to bear — but it’s the last month of summer, and I like that!
    Also, it’s our most expensive month, every.single.year.

    I can’t believe choosing All of the above was not an option in your poll. If you’re waiting on a sofa, I sure hope it goes better than the sunporch fiasco!

    Enjoy your break! 😀

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  4. Noticing the pretty flowers in my neighborhood would take some work at this time of year. Pretty much everything has gone the way of jungle rot or baked brown.

    Have a great time off! See you on the flip side.

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    • Somehow the flowers around here are looking good this year. I want to make sure to notice some of the well-tended flower pots by front doors so that I can get ideas for our pots for next year. Enjoy your time off, too.


  5. August. The month of UGH. (and that ain’t those fuzzy shoes…although if you go to the mall, you see young girls (finally old enough to grab mom’s credit cards and run) in shorts in Uggs. …and it’s right at 100 outside. Is it the AC on high or unclear on current fads?)
    August is my least favorite month. And we need a new couch..and we’re picky…and will probably go into shock with the prices. Can’t wait to hear about your new one.
    Meanwhile, a blog vacation is sounding pretty good. May try that myself.
    Have a great time and see ya’ in September

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    • philmouse, I’m all about UGH during August. Our weather is too much for me, as are those Uggs which I refuse to buy.

      We special ordered this sofa, but managed to do so [by accident] when there was a sale going on. This sale let us have custom fabric for the same price as stock, so I don’t mind waiting for the new sofa. As for the price… well, you’ll be surprised no doubt.

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  6. Not sure about your area, but we are now in a drought here in NEO. We are desperate for rain, and my yard/landscape beds have huge, deep cracks in them. The only thing thriving and green are the weeds, especially the clover. It’s scary. But the humidity is soggy, for sure. I can’t recall the last time it rained for more than two or three minutes. Seriously.

    Enjoy your break, and I do hope it is restorative. I think being cooped up in airconditioning (for which I am truly grateful, but mightily sick of) is making me dopey and mush-brained. I feel imprisoned, almost. But too much heat and humidity might give me a migraine, so I am sort of stuck.

    Good luck with all of your Projects! Can’t wait for a Review come September.


    • nance, we’ve had enough rain down here to keep the grass mostly green. I’m not sure if it’s the actual rain, or the excessive humidity, but yards, flowers, bushes look healthy. The pollen, however, is everywhere outside so like you I’m stuck inside most of the time.

      I’ve got projects to do around the inside of the house, so I won’t be bored. But these projects aren’t blog-worthy, so I figure why not shirk my duty as a blogger and see how I like being a non-blogger!


  7. Ally, I took a 2.5 month break from blogging and didn’t even intend it. Two years ago I couldn’t have imagined such a thing. I do NOT miss humidity. We lived in Philly for 2 years and it was horrid. Here in California we have dry dry drought, but at least it’s dry/. It’s been hovering around 100 all week, so we’ve been limiting activities to mornings mostly. Sigh.

    Enjoy your hiatus!


    • Hi J! I took an unintended 3 month break from blogging once when our house/street lost consistent internet connection. New construction down the way screwed-up our cable/phone lines. Most annoying at the time.

      However this time I’m being intentional and I’m openly hating on the humidity that as got my mind [and hair] frizzed out. Living once upon a time in Philly you know exactly what I mean.


    • Stephanie, 2,000 bookmarks!! Oh my, you have been busy. I hope that they generate the kind of interest that leads to big book sales for you. No doubt you’ll love your fun time once you get it back. Enjoy your August. Seize ‘ya in September. 😉


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