On The Cusp Of The Holidays, I Give You Links I Love

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States.  

Much hustle and bustle. Much family related stress. Much TV watching for the non-shoppers, much discount shopping for the wackos people who like to do that sort of thing.

I thought a few fun links might be appreciated this week while you, my gentle readers, eye-rolled at familial lunacy OR made like a potato on the couch OR foraged in over-heated junked-up stores.

Whatever you decide to do makes no difference to me, but please…

Be safe. Be happy. Be.

~ โ€ข ~

A cheery anthem from an unlikely source that gets us where we’re going.

Details about wishbone karma just in time for Thanksgiving.

An easy way to make people more social. Count me in.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Spend some quality time with old friends.

Feeling anxious? Relax with these neuroscience-approved songs.

Here are the 200 happiest words. Use them often this holiday season.

~ โ€ข ~

36 thoughts on “On The Cusp Of The Holidays, I Give You Links I Love

  1. Great links–especially the 200 happiest words. I really felt it in the gut reading the list, all of those happy words together in one place. (I felt it in the gut reading the least happy words list too, but in a bad way–that was dreadful!) Happy Turkey Day!

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    • Kate, I know exactly what you mean about those lists. The unhappy one is ominous, but the happy one is a delight to read. Glad you enjoyed the links, seemed like the best blogging thing to do this week while everyone is so busy. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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  2. Laughter tops my list of happy words too!

    Life is better with laughter.
    We do not laugh because we are happy . . . we are happy because we laugh.
    A day without laughter is a day wasted.


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  3. What a fun list, perfect for whiling away my lunch hour! So do all govt agencies have their own theme song?! And talented singers to boot? That’s pretty cool.

    And now my mind is racing…there are possibilities here! I see a TV show in the making…Glee meets West Wing!

    And best of all, you’ve given us the perfect way to fill an awkward silence. We can talk about the FAA anthem. Maybe even hum a few bars of that catchy tune. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Nancy, I think your idea of Glee meets West Wing is inspired. I don’t know if other government agencies have their own anthem, but this one is catchy. Good idea about using it to deflect hateful rhetoric at the holidays. Talk about a good way to be kind. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. I’m not sure I trust the validity of that word list. Nowhere on the Least Happiest did I see Math. Or Algebra. Or Geometry. Or Parallel Parking (I know, I know–that’s two words).

    And where, oh where, on the Really Really Happy List Part was the word Butter, or Lobster, or Champagne? Those all make me smiley and floaty with happiness.

    I hope your Thanksgiving puts you on the Really Really Happy List, Ally Bean. (Go get some Champagne as a little insurance!)

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    • nance, you make valid points about what is missing from both lists. Perhaps whoever created them lives in an Ivory Tower and doesn’t know about the truly annoying things + the incredibly wonderful things of life. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, nance. Adding bubbly to the grocery list now. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Okay, Ally Bean, you’ve made my day.
    I looked at all the links except Gilmore Girls, cause not my thing…but that Weightless music thingy?!? OMG. I cannot word this well enough — That song literally made me feel better in about two minutes. I had horrendous anxiety on my drive home, and when I got home, I hugged and kissed all the people and animals, but I still did not feel good, not good at all. I asked for twenty minutes of solitude and I still didn’t feel better and I just thought I will eat my dinner and take a benzo and go to bed because oh stress level, anxiety, and exhaustion, and Just Hold On, Joey, it’s only a few hours away. But that song!
    And now I am feeling SO much better and I have put it on my television and there is a TEN-HOUR version! This will be my new meditation music, Ally. Thank you very much. Very, very much.
    Also, I should note, I also love more than half of the other songs listed there…
    Thanks again! โค

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    • joey, I listened to that weightless music and sort of floated away. It was weird and amazing, kind of a “who knew?” feeling. I had no idea there is a 10 hour version, but I think you’re onto something with making that available to yourself whenever you want it. So happy to know that this helped you cope with the day. I’m glad that I stumbled across it and that it helped you feel whole. Now as for this non-Gilmore Girls stance you’ve taken… 0.o

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        • The thing about the Gilmore Girls is that it grows on you. It’s about 2 different types of mother/daughter relationships, so that pulled me in. Then there’s this whole cast of small town characters who ring true, if you’ve ever lived in a small town. I’ll admit that I’ve not seen all the episodes and that some of them are a bit twee/maudlin, but I want to see how the whole story ends so I’ll be there on Friday to watch.

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            • The original seasons are on Netflix right now, but this Friday the new episodes start. There are 4 episodes in this new series and supposedly we’ll learn the rest of the story about Lorelai and Rory and Emily. [I hate to shop so watching brain candy TV on Black Friday sounds good to me.]

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              • I hope that after the festivities tomorrow, no one asks me to do anything requiring strength, patience, or intelligence, because I will cut … and then OM.


  6. Love the teddy bears! We are busy with Isaac and Kristine here for the week. So thankful for Isaac’s 6 month deployment to be over and for him to finally have some leave! I hope you and Zen Den have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  7. Love the links and when I have more time, I will come back and explore them all. Busy time of year, and STRESSFUL. I wish it didn’t have to be, but it’s the nature of holidays.


    • Margaret, it can be an incredibly stressful time of year. As you know it is not my favorite season. “Most wonderful time of the year?” MY AUNT FANNIE. However, this year I’m doing less over more days– and refusing to get sucked into the whole downward spiral of forced frivolity and mindless spending. So there. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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