In Which I Listen Attentively Then Say “I Believe You” Because I Do

A pretty rose seen in a city park. Is it orangish yellow OR yellowish orange? You decide. I’ll believe you.

Who am I to stop a friend or acquaintance when they’re on a good rant?  

I MEAN, I may or may not agree with them but there are times when letting people vent is the best conversational gambit I know of.

And let me assure you that people in my life are getting quite rant-y.  Blame it on the hot weather or the current deluge of Trumpian noise or the alignment of the planets, but the peoples have things they want to say.

• 🔶 •

FOR EXAMPLE, one woman, a Boomer, spent a good 5 minutes monologuing about how all Millennials are lazy and useless and entitled and __________ [fill-in the blank]. I think she stopped because she’d run out of breath, not complaints.

Considering she has a child who is a Millennial I thought her rant was a bit odd, but maybe it was her passive-aggressive way of dealing with her frustration about her progeny’s choices.  

Beats me.

All I could think to say was “I believe you” because I do believe that from her point of view what she said is truthful to her.

I’m perceptive and empathetic, don’t you know?

• 🔶 •

SOON THEREAFTER, one man, a Millennial, started into his monologue about how much debt he and his friends have and how Boomers never had any debt and that his suffering is the worst darned financial suffering that ever has been. Without any doubt.

Considering he lived at home rent-free [with a Boomer parent] while he was in college I thought his rant was a bit odd, but maybe it was his passive-aggressive way of dealing with his frustration about his job now that he wants to leave the nest.  

Beats me.

Again all I could think to say was “I believe you” because I do believe that based on his life experiences what he said is truthful to him.

I’m tuned-in to the people around me, don’t you know?

• 🔶 •

SO WITH the foregoing experiences fresh in my mind, and with the summer temps predicted to be in the 90s with humidity to match, I’ll end this post by suggesting that if you have a rant you’d like to express, I’m here to hear it.

I suspect I’ll be inside most of the weekend and from what I can tell my ability to listen is what the world needs right now.

Lay it on me. What’s been grinding your gears lately? What’s your sorry not sorry? I’m listening.

No More Retrograding Here

People who know about astrology like to talk about it, especially during Mercury in retrograde. Have you noticed this? Lately?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.47.01 AM
{ This is Mercury. Image Source }

They tell me that tomorrow Mercury ends its time in retrograde, meaning that my “what to do? what to do?” lament from last week will be over.

As I understand it, when Mercury is in retrograde, personal communication, well-reasoned-decisions and safe travels are, well– not so smooth here on Earth.

It is only after Mercury, the little bugger, exits this phase of its celestial movement that things return to their normal patterns out there among the stars.

While I’m not into astrology that doesn’t matter, does it?

Putting together the pieces of information that I’ve been told about this retrograde, I sense that Mercury does what Mercury wants to do.  Mercury don’t care that I’m indifferent to the astrological explanation of its imperfect orbit’s impact upon the peoples of Earth.

Mercury is the honey badger of planets.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 4.33.31 PM
{ This is a honey badger. Image Source }

I’m sure that there’s a lesson here for me about learning to politely shrug when discussions turn to things that may not seem sensible to me.

I say this because throughout these last few weeks while Mercury has been in retrograde, I’ve come to understand in this life, no matter what happens in the skies or on the earth, there will always be someone with an alternate interpretation of the event.

And that earnest someone will find me, tell me about it and assure me that all will be well in my life once that bothersome Mercury gets on with things.