I Have A Crush

I was at the supermarket checking out at one of the four U-Scan areas.  I swiped a six-pack of beer across the scanner and it registered the price.  The scanner screen then stopped, waiting for the employee watching over the U-Scans to bypass the need for me to show ID.

But the employee, a kid around 20, didn’t hit the bypass button.

He shouted over to me to show him some proof that I was old enough to buy beer.  At first, I thought that he was talking to someone else behind me who was checking out.

But he wasn’t.

Then I figured that he was joking around with me.  After all, I’m closer to Medicare than the magical age of 21.

But he wasn’t goofing with me.  He was serious.

In fact, by then he’d walked over to me and was standing right in front of me, demanding ID.  So I yanked my wallet from my purse– which caused my lipstick to go flying onto the bagging area of the U-Scan– and started to show my driver’s license to the guy.

But something about the amazed look on my face + the close-up of my wrinkled skin/graying blonde hair must have startled this guy because his demand for my ID suddenly turned into a quiet little question: “Ma’am, are you old enough to buy alcohol?” 

To which I answered a simple little:  “yes.”

And with that, the employee guy picked up my lipstick and handed it to me.  Then he walked back to his U-Scan post where he hit the button that allowed me to buy beer.

I finished scanning my items without incident and put them in my bags.  Then I left the supermarket with a big smile on my face– and a crush on this kid who takes his job very seriously.

God bless him and his bad eyesight.

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8 thoughts on “I Have A Crush

  1. Here in Tennessee, if you purchase alcohol anywhere, you have to show your ID. Isaac had to go to a 5 hour class all about this to be a server. Weird, huh?


  2. Beth, that is weird.

    Here, of course, you’re only carded if you look under 21– which I don’t. The kid who made the mistake looked soooo shocked when he realized what he’d done. I could barely keep from laughing.


  3. I love it when that happens! (and it doesn’t happen to me very often since I usually have kids in tow at the grocery store and the checkers must have pity on me and figure whether or not I’m 21, I surely must need the alcohol)


  4. la p, the WP suggestions are always goofy and somewhat off-topic to what I’m writing about. I look at them for a laugh, but have only once used one of their suggestions. I can generate my own tags, thank you very much.

    Margaret, ’twas a lovely moment, indeed.

    Stephanie, made me laugh. What a time you must have shopping with three girls in tow. You deserve a pass on the id thing.


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