Oh. No. Not. This.

I was shopping for some clothes for me.  I found a few things to try on so I stepped into a dressing room.  At first my focus was on the clothes, but gradually it shifted and I realized that playing loudly from a speaker right above my head was a cutesy, wordy song that I’d never heard before.

So I stopped what I was doing and had a listen.  Big mistake.  Now I have an ear worm… and this is what I’m hearing.

[You’ve been warned.  Click on the link at your own peril.]

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Ally Bean

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4 thoughts on “Oh. No. Not. This.”

  1. Smart woman. It kind of weirded out my mind. I can’t imagine who thought it’d be a good idea to play that song as background music while women shopped for clothes.


  2. Hilarious! I love the tune, though. Tan shoes with pink shoelaces….it makes you wonder who this song is about.


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