It Is Still Raining Here

“April is the cruelest month.”  ~ T. S. Eliot, “The Wasteland”

I’m sick of the rain.  We’ve had wet weather here almost every day since mid-March.  In fact, in April we had 3x our normal rainfall, making this past April the second wettest on record.

[Oh joy.]

  • At this point, I can’t stand looking at the rain:  boring raindrops descending from gray skies that never go away.
  • I can’t stand hearing the sound of the rain pounding on the roof all night: *plop, plop… plop… splat* over and over again.
  • I can’t stand driving the car in the rain: *swish, swish* {sound of windshield wipers} *splash. splash. splash* {driving through a puddle}
  • I can’t stand walking in the rain: wet feet, muddy shoes/ cold ankles, soggy pants bottoms.

I’ve been a trooper about this lousy weather.  Really, I have.  I’ve looked on the bright side and been understanding about the fickle nature of spring.

[Spring: the passive-aggressive season.]

  • Yes, yes– I know that we had a drought last summer/autumn and that this rainfall is wonderful for the trees and grass.
  • Yes, yes– I get it that the early farm crops are thriving and this pleases some farmers.
  • Yes, yes– I’m delighted that because of the plethora of worms available, the birds are so healthy and happy this spring.  Bully for them.

But the reality is that after a very long winter I’ve endured almost two extra months of cabin fever, unable to go for long walks– or to putter in the garden– or to enjoy cook-outs on the deck.  I’ve been cooperative.  I’ve put up with this weather nonsense without much complaint.

And what have I got for all my goodness?  More fricking rain.  Predicted through the weekend.  Maybe into next week.

[And my life remains on hold.]

9 thoughts on “It Is Still Raining Here

  1. Oh, not fun at all. Hope some sun brightens your day soon!

    I feel like my life is on hold until after my trans-Atlantic flight Friday – something I dread, dread, dread (but still I travel).

    V. pleased about the power of your vote, btw.


  2. Tara, I’d really like some sunny days. They don’t have to be warm– just sunny and dry. And in a row. Like for a few weeks.

    I’ve only flown across the Atlantic a few times and that was a long time ago. I can only imagine how different it is now– more stressful, crowded, uncomfortable. My prayers are with you.

    And about my vote… 😉


  3. I know how you feel!! We’re getting a few sunny or clear days, but then the rain comes back. Today has been pretty nice and tomorrow is supposed to be…but then back it comes! Ugh. It produces a real grayness of spirit to not see the sky or sun.


  4. Margaret, “grayness of spirit” explains it perfectly. Well stated.

    la peregrina, you’re right. I am suffering from SAD. I usually make it through winter without getting too down, but these added few months have done me in. So I decided to complain a bit here on my bloggy.


  5. I’m with you, kid! We’ve had severe thunder storms every night for days on end. The other night I thought the house would fall apart from the thunder shaking it so badly. And the flooding is not good…very reminiscent of last year at this very same time. The Opry Mills Mall in Nashville is still undergoing reconstruction and is slated to reopen next year. The sun is out today and is to stay, for the most part, through the weekend. I wish for you abundant sunshine!


  6. Beth, you said it: “I thought the house would fall apart from the thunder shaking it so badly.” That’s how it’s been here, too. Weird and gloomy. Not my fav sort of thing.


  7. As Margaret said, I know how you feel! I’m always so amazed at how much better I feel when the sun is out. Obviously, we learn to cope with rain around here one way or another (I use light therapy and medication), but it’s still hard.
    I hope your sunny days come soon! We had sunshine today (and we have it tomorrow too), but then rain is expected for the next ten years or so. Okay, I exaggerate. Slightly.


  8. Stephanie, you have so much more rain in a normal year than we do. I don’t know if I’d have your fortitude to live where you do. I like the idea of light therapy.

    Somewhere in this house we have a small light box, but I’d forgotten all about it. Been years since I used it. Must. Find. It. Soon.

    And thanks for the laugh. Ten years, indeed!


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