Here Comes The Sun

Let’s review.

First, I sat at this desk, working on this computer, complaining about rain to the whole world via this blog.  And I was grumpy.

Then something amazing happened.  We had a rainbow.  Not just any rainbow, but the biggest and brightest one I’ve ever seen in this part of the USA.  A rainbow of such significance that Z-D phoned me on his way home from work to make sure that I was seeing this rainbow.  And I was stunned.

Then yesterday, because the sun was shining, I was able to plant colorful flowers and pretty viney things in the many garden pots that decorate the exterior of our home.  Pots that I really love to look at when I’m driving up the driveway or walking up the sidewalk.  And I was very happy.

[I’m calling this particular pot, and its sister pot on the other side of the stoop, “Snack Time At Vacation Bible School” because it has chocolate drop coleus + coralberry punch superbells in it.  How fun is that?]

So even though the weather forecast for today is rain, I’m still in a good mood.  Creating the flower pots yesterday brightened my spirits.  And reminded me that when the nice weather gets here, I must make the effort to enjoy every minute of it.

TGIF, everyone.  Make it a good weekend.  Rainy or sunny.

9 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. You got some sun! Huzzah! It’s raining here today, but I went out to lunch with a friend, and had chocolate for dessert. And that made everything better 🙂


  2. Margaret, a little bit of sunshine made my blues go away. Plus accomplishing something on my outside “to do” list helped.

    Stephanie, yum. Chocolate has been helping my through these last few weeks. Very medicinal.


  3. So glad you got some sun. Rainbows are so magical!
    And flowers are the smiles of life. I haven’t planted my pots yet…. just haven’t had the time.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.


  4. Hey there Beth! We’re back to rain here, but there is more sun + warm temps predicted for next week. Hello shorts and sandals. Good-bye sturdy shoes and jeans.


  5. I absolutely love rainbows!!! We saw one – the entire rainbow not just a partial – after having dinner with friends Friday evening. It was truly beautiful and sure lifted my spirits too. Took a mental snapshot that I will not soon forget!!


  6. Lori, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a complete rainbow around here. How cool for you. I’d be more enthusiastic about wet weather if there were more rainbows.


  7. There’s nothing like gardening to lift one’s spirits! Here’s to more sunshine in your immediate future. 🙂

    It was unseasonably warm here last week, and I took the opportunity to go swimming at a local pool. Heaven. I may go tomorrow, no matter the temp. (We’re in CA, so not too much chance of rain.)


  8. J, I like your thinking, let’s have some sunshine around here. Please.

    Swimming outside sounds lovely. Haven’t done that in years. The outdoor pools are usually for the kids around here. And adults swim at health clubs– or on vacation.


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