Dining With The Beans

I stopped at the grocery late yesterday afternoon to pick up a fast dinner for Zen-Den and me.  I knew that we had the makings for a tossed salad at home, as well as some fresh blackberries, so I only had four items in my basket.

  • a rotisserie chicken, bbq
  • a loaf of bread, California sourdough
  • a bottle of white wine, Argentinian Torrontes
  • a package of Klondike bars, original

It wasn’t busy in the store so I went through the regular checkout line.  The guy that was running the cash register was indifferent to what he was ringing up, but the girl who was bagging my groceries was paying close attention to what I was buying.  And even went so far as to offer her opinion:  “Wow!  This is– like– the best.  dinner.  ever.”

And you know what?  She was right.

Our dinner.  Ally selected.  Bagger approved.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Dining With The Beans

  1. Beth, you betcha!

    Janet, I’ve never had anyone in a grocery comment on what I bought. It made me smile; the girl was so earnest– and probably not old enough to buy wine yet!


  2. Fresh blackberries?! How do you have fresh blackberries? We don’t get them until August or September. Lucky ducks.
    Bread and chocolate: it doesn’t get any better than that. Good choices ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Margaret, yes, of course, you can have some beer instead of wine…. although I don’t know if the bagger girl will approve!

    Stephanie (aka the farmer’s daughter), we get lots of our produce [fruit especially] from the Carolinas, Georgia & sometimes Florida. It makes for earlier availability than our normal regional cycles. If we didn’t have this influx of southern produce, we’d have blackberries in July/August.


  4. Sometimes I love to put the attention into the planning and the cooking of a meal, and sometimes, I prefer to put the attention into selecting something quick and easy. Sounds like you did a great job of it. Do you have a trick for picking a good rotisserie chicken? I find that sometimes they’re delicious, and sometimes dried out.


  5. J, at our Kroger the weekday schedule for roasting chickens is the same each day, so I know that fresh ones are always ready around 4:30-5:00 p.m. [Weekend schedule is different.]

    In addition, when each chicken is taken off the spit it is put into a bag with a time sticker on it, and then put under a heat lamp. The stickers tell me in 15 minute increments when the chicken came out of the rotisserie, so I can choose wisely.

    [And of course, if there aren’t any time stamps that I like, I move on to something different for dinner. This happens more times than I like to admit. These chickens are very popular and sell out quickly.]


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