And Then Good Things Began To Happen

I’ve said more on a personal level this week than I usually do in this blog [or anywhere else for that matter].  I’ve been detailed and intense, not my usual light-hearted self.  Talk about going outside your comfort zone.

But you know what?  I’m really glad that I did.

Within 48 hours of publishing– what I will always think of as– my adios posts, I received five messages from friends and family who I haven’t heard from in months, or even years.

Not one of them had read what I said in the blog, but all had suddenly thought of me– not to get something from me or to put me down— but to say “hi!”

On top of that, five people who I don’t know but seem rather pleasant,  just kind of appeared in my corner of the blog-o-sphere/twitterverse to say “hi!”

So here’s what I’ve learned this week: for me it is difficult to put personal relationship stuff out there in the world, but it’s worth the risk.  Life balances.  Out with the negative and insincere.  In with the positive and authentic.

Wonder why it took me so long to figure this out?

Just grateful that I did.

6 thoughts on “And Then Good Things Began To Happen

  1. Mike, I’m flattered. Who’d of thunk it?!! It’s been a very peculiar week for me– that seems to be ending up on the sunny side of the street. And hearing that you’re going to blog again makes it sunnier.

    Whatcha gonna talk ab next?


  2. I manage to work myself up over things sometimes(often) and attribute motives to others because of my own feelings, so I can drive myself into a constant state of confusion over people. I’m delighted that the universe was listening to your complaints. 🙂


  3. Margaret, I know what you’re saying. Me too.

    But this time I was very clear about what was wrong, stated it, and am now moving forward. No dithering.

    Weird, weird week.


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