A Suburban Moral Dilemma

As I sit here typing this post I’m watching our neighbor’s sprinkler system water their lawn.  Putting aside the fact that it is midday and the sun is at its hottest while the sprinkler system waters their lawn, I’ve found myself in a bit of a moral dilemma.  The sort of dilemma that an observant, kind-hearted person, such as myself, could only find herself in.

Here’s the deal.  We don’t have an automated lawn watering system.  I am our watering system– complete with hoses, oscillating sprinklers, and a decidedly lethargic approach to lawn care.  I water when the spirit moves me and in a random pattern when I get around to it.

Our neighbors, on the other hand, have a perfectly positioned, professionally maintained sprinkler system that evenly and consistently waters their grass.  Or at least that’s what the neighbors, who are never here at midday, think is happening.

The reality is that the men who positioned the sprinkler heads have sent the water shooting into a tree and a wall, which is causing the water to bounce back into small portions of our lawn instead of evenly watering the neighbor’s lawn.

Now the angelic [do good] part of my being is saying that I really should go over to the neighbor’s house and tell them that their sprinkler system is amiss… that their professionals have made a mistake or two when positioning the sprinkler heads.

But the devilish [lazy butt] part of my being is shouting “yes! less lawn for me to water” and resists making the effort to tell the neighbors what’s really going on with their lawn… figuring that it is up to them to monitor their own property.

So there you have it, my gentle readers.  A moral dilemma.  In a non-friendly suburb.  Noted by me because I pay attention.

What say ‘ye?  Do I tell them, or not?

8 thoughts on “A Suburban Moral Dilemma

  1. I would tell them, since they think that everything is working correctly. We had a watering system in SC that came on very early in the morning. We could tell if it wasn’t working correctly by seeing the wet plants, grass, shrubs before heading out to work. I remember the HOA always had trouble with the sprinklers watering the streets instead of the grass/flowers. This always irritated me since that was part of our bill!
    I also am the head water person here. I try to water daily in this heat. The hydrangeas thank me.


  2. Zen-Den thinks that I should make no assumptions. [Very 4 Agreements, eh?]

    He thinks that the neighbors want the sprinklers as they are because the one that is hitting the wall is splashing water onto some recently planted bushes; and the one that is splashing water off the tree is actually slowly watering the tree. All of which means that the water bouncing back into our yard is collateral damage, so to speak.

    He’s probably right and things are as they’re supposed to be.

    Forget the moral dilemma. All is well.


  3. The green part of you should tell them that watering during the hottest part of the day wastes water through evaporation. Best to water at sometime between dusk and dawn. Better yet, only water when the lawn needs it to keep it from dying.


  4. They shouldn’t water during the hottest part of the day. Strike 1 against them for being stupid. Are they nice to you? If they are, I would tell them. If not, too bad, they should check out how it’s working some time. It’s their responsibility, not yours. That said, I would tell them after I couldn’t stand the guilt any longer. 🙂


  5. Mike, you are so right about when to water. Their system used to come on about 6:00 am, but now it seems poorly timed to me.

    Margaret, you ask: “are they nice to you?” Well… let’s just say that for various reasons I don’t feel especially beholden to help them. Which might be where all this “moral dilemma” stuff is coming from. *sigh*


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