Retro Blogging: Adding Whimsy To Your Week

::  I crack myself up.  I got this idea from The Bloggess.  Zen-Den thinks that I have a future career as a banana engraver.

::  Anyone else remember back to when bloggers did silly things like this all the time?  I miss those times.

::  Do You Make Other People Happy?  I try, kids.  I try.

8 thoughts on “Retro Blogging: Adding Whimsy To Your Week

  1. I saw that, too, on The Bloggess. Did you do this at home or at that grocery store? You know, don’t you, that it doesn’t count until you do it at the store?

    I’ll check my archive for silly things I did. The night I photographed myself running around the living room naked and posted the photo on Typepad comes to mind.


  2. Mike, no I didn’t know that I was “supposed” to do this in the grocery store. I merely did it at home: 1) to see if it’d work; and 2) to see if Z-D would notice. It does and he did.

    Can’t wait to see what you find in your archive. I think. Maybe. 😉


  3. Stephanie, thank you. It took me all of 2 minutes to engrave the banana. Yet with these photos I have a lasting memory of my magnificent silly achievement! Seems like a win-win to me.


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