I Has A Sad

[Yes, I’m using LOLspeak here.  Your point?]

Viva de la Vega, my longtime desktop computer & faithful sidekick, is retiring today.  The photos on yesterday’s post were the last items that I needed from her to create something for this blog.

For the last eight years she and I have been constant companions.  BFF, if you will.  I adore her… her smaller, cozy screen… her slow way of uploading photos… the clickety-clack of her keyboard… even the crazy, unpredictable way her wired mouse works.

However, now that Coraline is on the scene, Viva de la Vega is headed for a lovely retirement upstairs in the un-bedroom where she can live out her days in a little out-of-the-way niche on top of an old chest of drawers.  We’ll be able to use her to listen to online music– or to play a few hands of solitaire or hearts.

She’ll be at home there, I’m sure.  And I’ll visit her from time to time.  But I still can’t help feeling a touch bittersweet about this change.

So long, my friend.  I’ll miss you.


8 thoughts on “I Has A Sad

  1. Funny how we get attached. I was very sad to get rid of my 11 year old Dell desktop. It was like my home away from home. The computer guy could transfer most of it over to a new desktop, but it wasn’t quite the same.I had to adjust to changes. No like.


  2. Margaret, you’re so right. These computers are like a home away from home… that just happens to be in your home!

    My adjustment so far has been to how fast this new computer works. Zip-zip– and it’s finished.


  3. I am far more fickle. The only things that bother me about new computers are money and moving files. I love new toys and speed! Zip zip!

    Still, it’s very hard for me to get rid of old programs for shiny new programs. And nearly impossible for me to toss away things that still work. Old scientific calculator from high school? Hey! It still works….


  4. Zazzy, I’m sure that you’re the normal one here! Most ppl don’t give a second thought to their electronics. Although… keeping your high school calculator shows some sentimentality. So the real question is: did you name it? 😉


    • Well, my car’s name is George but most other things get referred to as “Mr. Computer” or “Mr Food Processor.” Either they don’t have first names or they’ve never told me.


  5. I liked our old computer but it was driving me mad with how slow it was. I like this one much better although this is a couple of years old now and therefore elderly in IT terms. I have problems getting rid of things that still work, but unfortunately, sometimes it just has to be done. Great that you have found a new home and use for your old computer. I’ve never named mine, though 🙂


  6. PollyBurns2, I have the same prob with not wanting to get rid of something that is still working. But when WP notified me that my browser was so old that it wouldn’t work properly with WP’s upgraded blogging system, I knew I had to buy a new ‘puter.

    Hence, the arrival of Coraline– the slickest iMac that ever did live.


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