I’m Dreaming Of A Gray Christmas

random thoughts on a very dreary December morning… 

~ We decorated the outside of our house this year.  We don’t always do that, but this year we decided to put some lights on the bushes out front, a few wreaths on a few windows, and one long strand of lights wrapped around the deck railing out back.  So far the decorations are surviving our record-breaking rainy weather without any prob.  They’re all on pre-set timers, so they know what to do and when to do it.  Wetness be damned.

~ After we decorated the outside of the house, we decided to put up a Christmas tree in our TV room.  We don’t always do this every year either.  Naturally the old lights that we had weren’t working, so Z-D drove over to Lowe’s and then Home Depot to buy a total of four boxes of the same GE multicolored lights to put on the tree.  All of our ornaments from past years were in good shape, so we used them without buying anything new.  The tree is pretty and colorful– the perfect antithesis to the bleak weather outside.

~ Most people who know me know that I’m not a fan of the holiday season.  I tolerate it with gritted teeth and a quiet grace.  I dislike the phoniness of it all.  Too many people telling me too many ways in which they’re overwhelmed– by decisions that they freely made.  Commitments they accepted for reasons they can’t explain, but will whine endlessly about fulfilling.  To me, it seems like a time of faux friendship and forced frivolity.  Not centering and joyful at all.

~ Zen-Den may be taking some vacation days at the end of the month.  This will depend upon whether problems develop at work.  We’ve made no formal plans to go anywhere, so if he does take the days off I think that we’ll be taking a staycation.  Lunches out at some upscale restaurants that we like;  a visit to the zoo to see the lights;  a few rounds at our fav English pub.  Nothing elaborate, just doing some fun things– because we want to.

[Hello FTC!  As you may recall, I do not accept money or any other sort of graft for writing about any product.  So you need not worry yourself about anything nefarious happening here on my sweet little bloggy.   I like what I like– and I write about it because I want to write about it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just my opinion.] 

4 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming Of A Gray Christmas

  1. We always put lights and greenery on our front porch. It’s so nice to drive up to at night. An
    Id I always decorate the inside with lots of collected snowmen over the years and lights as many places as I can put them. It is just for me because we really don’t have a lot of people coming over. We got a very small, skinny fake tree that I’ve just put white and blue lights on with a few small glass ornaments and my scherenschnitte garlands–very simple, but I like it. At the end of our hallway I put a small table under our large round mirror and placed one of those ceramic Christmas trees. It makes me happy to look down the hallway and see that little lit tree.
    I’m enjoying the concerts so far. I did two this weekend and have four more to go. And I really like playing the late Christmas Eve service at church. It is so peaceful and meaningful to me–a good way to end the year.
    Your plans for a staycation sound great! Enjoy.


  2. Beth, your decorating sounds pretty. I like those skinny trees. Do the lights twinkle through the garland you made? Happy to know that your concerts are going well. Calm music can only help at this time of year when so many people tend to come undone over the littlest things.


  3. I’m not a fan of the season either, although once the tree is up and the house decorated, I enjoy looking at it. After Christmas is over though,I can’t WAIT to take it down. We’ve had some bad things happen during December, so I dread the month and am a bit fearful of more trauma.


  4. Margaret, I liked decorating the house this year. It looks cheerful, but like you will be happy when the decorations are down. I can understand your reluctance to be optimistic during this month. Maybe this year will be the beginning of a new trend for you and yours? Well, except for your poor sad snowman that already got crunched! 😉


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