Five Senses Friday

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rather calm considering that:

there are half-finished drapes hanging on the kitchen windows… the house is three-fourths decorated for Christmas… I haven’t begun to figure out what to serve at a party we’re having in two weeks… the handyman guy for the leaky bathroom window is dragging his feet while tightly clutching our money and not doing the repairs… we have a huge muddy mess in our basement where there is a crack in the chimney foundation or a leak in the chimney cap [or both I suppose]… and we have now hired some company to fix our foundation/chimney/cap mess before winter sets in.


the sound of the [new] furnace blower as it keeps our house warm


freshly brewed black coffee


strewn in front of my computer on my desk:

clipboards – white paper printed with info – small yellow legal paper scribbled with ideas – one blue pen – one book – many pink & blue 3×5″ index cards – dust


not much of anything because allergies have my nose stuffed up

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{This wonderful idea is from abby try again.   If you wish, you may play along in the comments below or on your own blog.}

5 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. The last time that I did this exercise in self-awareness was in June. [Link here.] Then I was all sweetness & light. Now I’m all troubles & grumbles. I like Memorial Day through Fourth of July better than Thanksgiving through New Years. Always.


    • I never thought of it that way but I think I’m going to agree. When did this time of year turn into long lists of chores and stress rather than all that peace of earth happy family time stuff?


  2. Zazzy, beats me. Btwn “winter is coming I have to get ready” and “oh dear, what did I say I’d do for this event?” December does me in. While June is all rosy and bright– mellow and inviting. I think that I live in the wrong hemisphere. I’d be happier about Christmas if I was in Australia right about now!


  3. I have Christmas letters/cards hanging over me, no tree, lots of packages but none of them organized or wrapped and TIME is going too fast. Feeling grumpy too. I’m smelling my Scentsy Silver Bells. I love that scent!


  4. Margaret, this time of year always makes me tired. And then add on the stresses of holiday obligations and house probs, and *meh* I’m ready for January’s stillness today.


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