How To Charm Me

My late aunt kept a scrapbook throughout her teen years.  In it she put mementos from her social life.  After she died a few years ago, I inherited the scrapbook.  Below is an invitation to a girlfriend’s party that I found in the scrapbook.  I love how it reflects the style of the times.  Hello, Art Deco!

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As if the beauty of this old invitation isn’t enough to charm me, if you look closely you’ll see that the girl giving the party has signed her name quite clearly. And who is this girl, you wonder?  Well, I know the answer to that.

She is Marilyn Meseke, who later became Miss America 1938.  And as such, thanks to news reel footage shown in movie theaters around the country, Marilyn was the first Miss America ever seen on-screen receiving her crown.

Pretty cool, huh?

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12 thoughts on “How To Charm Me”

  1. I absolutely love the invitation!!! And what a great story about Miss America. Like I’ve always said before, everyone has a story and something interesting in their past.


  2. Mike, 🙂

    Beth, I knew that you’d like this invitation– something from an era long gone. And I agree that everyone has a great story (or two) to tell. That’s what make blogs so interesting and fun.


  3. I wonder what they were celebrating. Do people even send out written invitations anymore?

    BTW, I loved the Ambrosia recipe yesterday. I’d really like to know the story behind it.


  4. Zazzy, I haven’t received a fancy invitation in years. As for the Ambrosia, I’d love to know the story, too. But I doubt that there’s anyone left alive who’d know the truth!

    alejna, it is remarkable. The invitation itself– and the fact that I listened to the stories that my aunt told me about her girlhood, so I knew what I was seeing when I found the invitation.


  5. Polly, thanks. I have to admit that finding this invitation among my aunt’s things was a bit trippy. I knew that they were girlhood friends, but never thought much more about it than that until I saw this pretty invitation.


  6. The invitation is incredible. And she is beautiful. As a high school teacher, I can’t help but marvel at the use of the word gay in its original sense.


  7. la p, I knew that you’d like it! I even thought that as I posted it.

    Susan, yes all our older relatives knew about Miss America, didn’t they? I think it was such a big, positive deal for the community during a time when there wasn’t much good news in the world.

    Margaret, I know what you mean about the word “gay.” It makes the invitation even more charming, doesn’t it?


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