Planning Ahead

… following Belle of the Carnival’s lead, I’m writing and posting my blogging obituary.  Read more about this exercise in “what-if-ness” here

My Pretend Obituary As A Real Blogger

Ally Bean, guiding light of the blogosphere and quiet voice of sanity in the real world, has passed away peacefully at her home while reading blogs in her Google Reader.

Ms. Bean first came to the world of blogging in 2004 when she decided to keep a personal blog of her own.  Said blog was filled with much flapdoodle and twaddle.  This was a tradition she continued in all her subsequent blogs– taking care to not take herself too seriously.

In the real world Ms. Bean was a tireless advocate of all things bloggy.  In her early days of blogging, she spent lots of time explaining yet again to the uninformed masses what a blog was– and where it was– and why everyone should read hers.  Which is to say that Ms. Bean talked to concrete walls quite frequently back then.

Later as blogging became more mainstream, Ms. Bean helped many people start their first blogs.  She was always willing to talk of cabbages and kings of html and links.  She was more than happy to explain the details of her experiences in various blogging platforms as well as to commiserate about the suckiness of comment trolls and content thieves.

In later life when asked about her contributions to the blogosphere Ms. Bean demurely suggested that as a warm, down-to-earth, quirky blogger she had reached tens of tens who considered her posts to be amusing, insightful & informative.  She wryly noted that she did not reach a single, solitary person who had any interest in paying her for her work.

In lieu of flowers Ms. Bean asked that comments be placed on her blog, The Spectacled Bean.  She also suggested that everyone who keeps a blog and reads this post should do this same thing i.e. write your own blogging obituary.  And then link back to me [no, wait… I meant to say] this post [wait…] obituary.  That’s it: link back to this pretend obituary.  Please.


After I posted the above, Mike, who is Notoriously Nice, tweeted me the link to Tombstone Generator.  Here’s what I made for my pretend blogging grave.  😉


13 thoughts on “Planning Ahead

  1. Ooh, I love your little business card. And nice obituary, too. I’m sure you’ve reached more than tens of tens, though. 🙂

    I don’t think I’m going to participate in this particular meme. I don’t want to jinx anything. 🙂


    • Melisa, made me laugh about jinxing myself. At this point, I figure the fact that I’m still here blogging means that I have some sort of blogging longevity gene in my DNA!


  2. I’m not sure I could write something like that. But I do like reading your blog. It’s kinda cool how bloggers hook up. I just blog to keep my husband off my back about keeping a journal 🙂


    • Cheri, it was an interesting experience to think like I did to write this. At first I was all serious about it, then realized that it was a wonderful exercise in self-awareness. No need to be overly deep, just be yourself. Turned out to be rather fun.


  3. I told my kids that I don’t want them to put an obit in the paper when I die. I want people to ask, “What the hell happened to Mike? I haven’t seen him in ages.”


  4. Mike, I like your idea. It represents a very insouciant attitude toward the inevitable. And, perhaps, shames the living into remembering how they should of paid more attention to you when you were here.


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