Of Kayaks And Sunsets

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Four weeks ago we were in Naples, Florida.

We went to my favorite access point onto the public beach to watch the sunset.

Very few people were on the beach, which was a shame because the sunset was beautiful that night.

Not so much colorful, as dramatic.

Astonishing in its intensity.

As we watched the sun setting we noticed one person kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico.

The kayaker, who was only a tiny speck compared to the ocean, added perspective to the scene.

Peaceful.  Balanced.  Confident.

Moving forward with ease.

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Happy Leap Day Everyone 🙂

15 thoughts on “Of Kayaks And Sunsets

    • Mike, I’ve never been in a kayak. And have only once been in a canoe– which was, more or less, a disaster.

      However, watching this person move so smoothly across the water was enjoyable– mesmerizing even.


  1. Beautiful pictures…beautiful words. I did a painting last year of a beach scene with kayaks and a thatched roof shelter. It is one of my favorites.


    • Thanks Beth. I’ve been looking at these two photos for weeks now– trying to determine what there was about being on that beach at that particular moment that made it so special to me.

      I think it was the visual intensity of the sun and the quiet confidence of the kayaker that seemed like perfection to me.

      Kind of freaky that you have painted a scene like the ones in these photos. Great minds think alike, eh? 😉


    • Margaret, I know what you mean. The idea of just gliding along in a kayak at sunset is very pleasant. Just focused and moving onward in front of a magnificent backdrop. Sounds delightful.


  2. Beautiful shots – and yes, it makes me want to kayak. That’s something I’ve never done but I did enjoy canoeing, except when I tipped over, when I was younger. The photo is very peaceful.


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