I Link. You Click. We Chat.

*  Most inexplicable search term that brought someone to my blog: if i were a bird I’d be an apple.

*  Most intriguing way to start conversations with children: 1973 classroom discussion posters.

*  Most unexpected flashback to my younger days: i make things happen. i’m a catalyst.

*  Most wonderful tutorial about painting your home: how to paint perfect lines.

*  Most logical idea that will make my life better: weekly chore schedule.

*  Most confusing online discussion of the week: pinterest-gate.

*  Most entertaining political website ever: i ride inside.

*  Most interesting test that you must take: word association study.

*  Most beautiful advert with useful information on it: left brain/right brain.

*  Most delightful analysis of online friendships: 10 annoying social media friends.

*  Most remarkable personal revelation about how to cook: crock pot baked potatoes.

*  Most useful exercise in self-awareness that you need to do: your eight auspicious symbols.

*  Most unique glimpse back in time: a few important suggestions for the use of your dial telephone.

12 thoughts on “I Link. You Click. We Chat.

  1. This is one of my favorite types of blog posts– a curated list of links. I’m so excited to be posting something like this for the first time. Hope you all enjoy!


  2. Okay, people. Let’s review.

    I created this list of 13 different topics for your edification & entertainment. That’s the “I link” part of the title.

    When I check my behind-the-scene blog stats, I can see that you, my gentle readers, are clicking on these links. That’s the “You click” part of the title.

    [And let me hasten to say that I am pleased that you are interested enough to follow my lead. It’s gratifying to know that you respect my judgment about which links are worthy of note.]

    But here’s the thing, I posted this list thinking that you, my gentle readers, might like the opportunity to start the conversation rolling. That, for once, we’d talk about what you wanted to talk about– not the jibber jabber that I usually post here.

    You see, that would be the “We chat” part of the title.

    However, much to my amazement and dismay, NO ONE HAS RETURNED FROM SURFING THE INTERNETS TO CHAT. And I’m feeling very sad and lonely sitting here waiting to talk with you all– about the cool links that I compiled just for you.


  3. ME, ME PICK ME!! I had to get home from work first. Then I have to click on some links. I know I enjoyed the annoying social media friends–laugh out loud funny. I did the mind tests too. If I were a bird I would be an apple…that intrigues me.


    • Yeah Margaret! I agree that the social media link was a hoot. So accurate.

      As for the phrase that brought someone to this blog, I don’t get why someone would ask google that question. But then to have google direct someone here makes me love the phrase to pieces.


  4. Still only one person has stopped by to chat about the topics that I so carefully picked for this post?!! I don’t get it. Honestly, I don’t.

    I’ve particpated in this sort of blog post on many other blogs– and found it to be great fun to see what everyone had to say about whichever link struck his or her fancy.

    Am I asking too much of you, my gentle readers, to engage with me in this unstructured way? I don’t think so.

    You can do it. You should do it, in fact. That is, if you want to stay on my good side. 🙂


  5. Fun list….Repost on a weekday morning when people in offices are bored and looking for adventure (Don’t spend all your cash at once? – list 5-6 links at a time? This is a great idea)……But it’s sunny, finally – running outside…no, no, you cannot hold me back – I am too slippery to grab onto……(sound of running feet…even if you did manage to pull that shirt sleeve off….)….distant cry backwards: “I’ll check back in – I promise….


    • Funny thing is I posted this list at the end of the week for the exact reasons you mention above: in offices, bored, looking for some adventure. Lord knows when I was stuck in an office job, I would have cried tears of joy to have something like this list to help me survive the tedium until the weekend.

      I made the list long to be part of Thursday Thirteen– which I thought would bring more people to this blog. Wrong on that point, for sure. Is no one doing Thursday Thirteen anymore?

      However, I take your points and if I ever do this sort of post again will do as you suggest, my brilliant philosopher mouse… blogger who remains on my good side.


      • Hmmm – great idea. Maybe it’s early spring fever making it hard for people to focus? Lots of print and long lists don’t seem to work as well at the end of the week? Haven’t seen much Thurs. 13 cruising around – but that doesn’t mean anything..could just be odd week


        • Oh! you can be sure that if I do something it’s an off week. It’s part of my charm, really. Fortunately, I’m very resilient & bounce back from defeats quickly. Thanks for paying attention. Ever onward, eh?


          • Hey, not a defeat! Defeat is so negative. This is a good idea…just didn’t mesh this time ( reformulate – with pictures?) – blogging attention is so random. Always enjoy visiting your blog…but it’s sunny! going outside to play!


  6. Funny thing about those classroom discussion posters is that they don’t suggest much to me. I think they should have used Norman Rockwell pictures. I went to an exhibition of his work recently and I was SO impressed with how amazingly well he captured a sparticular situation in a picture. They would have been ideal for classroom discussion.

    On the other hand, perhaps the school pictures were deliberately left a big vague. It’s a good idea to have them – as far as I know, English schools don’t.


    • Jenny, I know what you mean. The posters seemed bland and trite. Norman Rockwell would of added a visual zip to the posters as well as a historical context to them. Instead, they are just a strange glimpse into the past.


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