Notes To Myself


I’ve been lost in contemplation lately.

Thinking about my goals.  My dreams.  Transformation.

And then I came upon this poster by Austin Kleon.

It is the how-to guide that my mind requires.  And my spirit embraces.

You don’t waste good.

You march ever onward.  Light.  Precise.  Smart.

With joy.


15 thoughts on “Notes To Myself

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  2. I understand the wisdom in each of those apart from Creativity is Subtraction, I don’t understand that at all – do you know what it means? This is so good for me for where I am right now!


    • Polly, I’ve not read the book from which this poster is made, so I can only guess about the meaning of that last point.

      I took it to mean that you must get to the essence of what you are trying to do by subtracting that which isn’t necessary. Then what is left is creativity.

      Probably should get a copy of the book before I say anything more, eh?


  3. I agree w/ it all but the “be boring” part – working on art is not being boring. Whenever I here people say “I’m bored,” I feel impatient.. boring is usually reserved for those w/ no imagination. And I don’t know any artists who lack imagination!


    • Tara, I’m really beginning to think that I should of read the book before posting this!

      I hear what you’re saying re: boring. Vy true. I can only guess that what he meant is that you have to work long and hard to make art happen– and that working diligently on something can make you seem boring to other people.

      At least that’s what I took it to mean.


  4. Love this poster! I agree with all the points. A lot of time, as an artist, I tend to overthink or overwork a piece, so “subtracting” is sometimes needed to make it “work”. And being bored leads me to creativity. My mind is not always thinking about my next painting, but sometimes, when I’m bored, it opens my mind to a new idea.


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