Five Senses Friday

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~  this has been an emotionally draining week filled with drama [so not me] + sadness [accept it] + introspection [must understand self better]


birds chirping loudly

~  a noisy cute little brown birdie couple have built a nest exactly where they can annoy me when I sit on the screened-in porch & when I’m in the kitchen


freshly brewed black coffee

~  as I insist on doing this meme in the morning I don’t know that they’ll ever be any other answer to this prompt


new buffalo check drapes hanging in the bay window in the kitchen

~ this is a project in process so no photos yet


 the aroma of  juiced lemons

~  I’m about to make lemon curd for the first time – wish me luck

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{This wonderful idea is from abby try again.  If you wish, you may play along in the comments below or on your own blog.}

7 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. I’ve made the lemon curd now and it’s DELICIOUS, people. It’s taking all my willpower to not go and eat it all with a spoon!

    The recipe came from Janssen at Everyday Reading. Click here.


  2. I was going to say good luck with the lemon curd, but congratulations are in order! I love lemon curd so I’ll be right over with some english muffins!

    Feeling, hearing and tasting are all the same as you, except I have half and half in my coffee. Seeing a pile of stuff I need to file. Smelling? Um, coffee.


    • Zazzy, I’ve always known that it was possible to make lemon curd at home [saving $], but today I decided to finally try making it myself. Simple enough to do. Yummy, yummy stuff.

      Usually I’m seeing a pile of stuff to file, too. But lately I’ve been very conscientious about keeping my desk top tidy. Part of my implementation of my word of the year: NURTURE.


  3. Continuing on the lemon theme – so glad it worked out. I’ve never tried to make it, maybe I will change that. Love to know how other people start their day. Great snapshot.


  4. I don’t know if I would like lemon curd since I’m not crazy about lemon. Sorry about the drama and sadness filled week. Had too many of those myself.


    • Margaret, Z-D doesn’t like lemon. He took a tiny taste of what I made & said that was enough for a lifetime! So, I doubt that you’d like lemon curd either.

      Yes, you have had way too many of drama/sadness weeks. Mine was minor in comparison to yours, but it still wore me out. All I kept saying to myself was: “what did I do to deserve this?” Unfortunately there was no real answer.


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