Summertime And The Blogging Is Easy

I’ve decided that it’s time to shake-up things here on my sweet little bloggy.  I wanna do something light & fun & whatever-ish.  Something more spontaneous than recording the details of my life.

So this summer instead of my usual blah, blah, blah, I’m going to post once a week about something that interests me.   A topic that I’ve always been curious about, perhaps.  Or some photos taken during my week, maybe.  Or a things-that-I’ve-learned sort of post.

I’m sure that given the freedom to do whatever I want, I’ll dream up something each week.  Then I’ll write about it here on The Spectacled Bean every Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sound like a plan?  Sure hope so ’cause that’s what I’m going to do from Memorial Day [May 28] to Labor Day [September 3].

I’ll talk at ‘ya later everyone.  Summer is calling to me.

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Ally Bean

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14 thoughts on “Summertime And The Blogging Is Easy”

  1. I am sure I will enjoy reading whatever you are moved to post! I’m feeling the need to write about something different, too.


    1. Zazzy, thanks for the encouragement. I think that three months of doing something different here will be fun for me at least– and hopefully for my readers, too.


  2. Whatever you decide to write about will be interesting to read–looking forward to your posts. 🙂


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