Mental Health As Explained Via The Wisdom Of Pinterest

What is mental health?  { source }  It’s the:

1.  Ability to enjoy life.

{ source }

2.  Ability to bounce back from adversity.

{ source }

3.  Ability to achieve social balance in your life.

{ source }

4.  Ability to remain flexible in your opinions and expectations.

{ source }

5.  Ability to actualize your gifts.  

{ source }

[FYI – These images are from 3 of my Pinterest boards: Let’s Laugh + Attitude Is Everything + Cute & Funny.  There are lots more to see over on Pinterest.  Something new is always happening there.]  [Please note: since writing this post I’ve deleted these boards.  After more than a year on Pinterest, I’m beginning to think that it has jumped the shark for me.  I’ve goofed off enough, I guess.  Update added 07/12.]

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7 thoughts on “Mental Health As Explained Via The Wisdom Of Pinterest”

  1. I really must get into Pinterest. I hear about it and read about it all over the place but I’ve looked at it only once (for a coffee image). I spent so long there, just browsing through, that I’ve never been back for fear of being sucked in for long periods of time. Must make time in the week just to browse, it seems there are lots of interesting things on there. Polly


    1. Polly, it’s as fun & light OR serious & intense as you want to make it.

      I can see value in both approaches, but because I do it for a lark I never spend very much time there. Now if I had a grand purpose in mind [like planning a wedding or decorating a new house] I’m sure I could be sucked in for hours.

      But as a goof I go there for minutes, not hours.


    1. Margaret, I find Pinterest relaxing and enlightening.

      In fact, that’s how I got the idea for this post. My [lighthearted] pins dovetailed so nicely with the [serious] points within the mental health article that I decided to put the two together.

      And voilà I have a good beginning for my laid-back summer blogging project. Spontaneous + fun [+ informative if you follow the link on mental health].


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