10 Search Terms That Brought You To Me

I’m ashamed to say that in the year and a half that I’ve written this blog I’ve never looked through the complete list of search terms that people use to find this blog.  I knew that WordPress provided such a list for me, but I’d never had the inclination or the time to check it out.

Well, all that has changed, people.  All. That. Has. Changed.

The other day I decided to look at the list & I’m smitten.  Absolutely enthralled by: 1) what people are searching for;  & 2) what I have written about that somehow or other brings them here to my sweet little bloggy.

So, without further ado, I give you 10 Search Terms That Brought You To Me in order of “makes perfect sense” to “huh?”.

~ ~ • ~ ~

1.  Satin nickel door knobs on white door

  • Definitely wrote about that.

2.  Gas furnace heat exchanger crack

  • Definitely had that happen.

3.  Pepe Le Pew & Penelope Pussycat

  • Yes, I did talk about this iconic couple.

4.  Honey colored paint

  • Yes, I posted about what colors to paint your home’s interior.

5.  Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay meaning

  • Yes, I suppose you could say that I defined that phrase.

6.  Poems about horsing around

  • Well, there was no poem, but there were photos of horses.

7.  “When the moment is right” old coffee commercial

  • Granted I made reference to the phrase, but I knew that coffee had nothing to do with it.

8.  Why is Twitter eating my punctuation?

  • Oddly this one kind of makes sense if you read what I wrote & the comments afterward.

9.  Hither yon unicorn

  • No way did I hither any unicorns… but I might have used the words “hither” & “yon” in one post.

10.  Why do my eyeballs look like flowers?

  • No, I did not provide the answer to this question, nor do I understand why anyone was asking it.  Do you?

~ ~ • ~ ~

13 thoughts on “10 Search Terms That Brought You To Me

  1. Lord, love a duck! Many things went wrong in the publishing of this post. Some of the problem was operator error, but some of it was also WP error.

    Why you, gentle readers, would care, I’m not certain. But I felt the need to explain myself here. So I have.


  2. Great post Ally. Made me chuckle first thing this morning. It makes me want to post the same for my blog – however, i have looked at the search terms and unfortunately Naples Girl is too close to Girls Nipples. . .it would be an interesting list 🙂


    • Cheri, I can see why you would be better off not sharing your list of search terms with the world. Who’d of thought, eh? Or maybe you could edit the list to make it PG!


  3. You inspired me, too, to look at my full list. Mine just isn’t very funny. A lot of searches are on there from posts that don’t exist anymore after the database wouldn’t transfer but most make sense. Except for “sails spinnaker drifter jitter” which I just have to wonder about.


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  5. I don’t know if typepad does that; it should since it costs money. However, I have my blog set up to private, so I’m not sure that people can get there by web searches. This list makes me want to take it off private!!


    • Margaret, I’m glad that you liked my list. It was fun to go through all of the various search terms. About 80% made sense, but the ones that didn’t were delightful. Of course, this being a PG blog nothing was too risqué– which suits me just fine.


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