So, Can You Do This?


When I read the article that included The 20 Most Commonly Used Words, I knew what was required of me.  [5]

Obviously, it was a challenge to use these words in one succinct blog post– just for the fun of it.  [6]

He who wrote this article might not have envisioned my response, but those of you who know and love me will understand immediately.  [6]

This is one of those activities that anyone, with a bit of gumption, can do on his or her blog;  so I did it.  [3]

[Source of inspiration for this little foray into nerdy silliness is an interesting article: “Your Use of Pronouns Reveals Your Personality” by James W. Pennebaker in the Harvard Business Review, December, 2011.  Click here.]


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17 thoughts on “So, Can You Do This?”

  1. OH BOTHER! Somehow I lost what I said earlier in this comment. Honestly, this has been one of the most difficult posts that I’ve done all summer. I’ll talk at you later, gentle readers. *mutter*


    1. Zazzy, it was difficult to do. It took me at least an hour to get it all refined down to this pithy post. Yet I thought it was like doing a crossword puzzle– good for the old brain.


        1. Thank you. I took this list of words as a personal challenge to test my creativity. That being said, I don’t think I’ll post anything like this again. I’ve had my fun– and now I’m over it.


  2. You are a woman after my own heart. I once, in a fit of procrastination, and upon the observation that the word procrastination contained the letters of the word pants, proceeded to compose a very elaborate narrative with as many other pants-letters-containing words as I could. (It was also one of the few posts I’ve put up over the years with zero comments. I can only assume that everyone thought I’d gone off the deep end.)

    There was also that time I wrote a post entirely composed of monosyllables…(I’d link to it, but I can’t find it right now.)

    So, it may not surprise you to learn that I have decided to take your challenge. I have composed a 20-word poem of sorts:

    I was in it
    with the you
    for my me
    but a he
    is on
    to have of that


      1. Just read your comment again & now realize that you gave me a clue about the “thing” right here in my comments. My brain has turned to mush this week. Love your story. Glad that I followed the link that you left here for me. Thanks.


    1. alejna, you have made my week! Your poem is a delight– and rather existential, don’t you think?

      As for your narrative re: pants, it makes perfect sense to me that you’d spend your time not doing what you were supposed to do & instead create a unique post. And now I’m off to read it.


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