Thirteen Generic Phrases You Will Say Or Hear Today After Last Evening’s Presidential Debate

Isn’t it time we made politics fun again?  So today, as a way of mitigating the inevitable & incessant opining that happens after every presidential debate, I give you this list to distract & entertain you.  See how many of these phrases you can use or spot as the day wears on.  Bet it’ll be quite a few.

– – • – –

1)  Well, everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, I guess.  [Extra Points – if said by an uptight church lady in a condescending tone of voice]

2)  I really don’t think that he gets it.

3)  He didn’t answer the question!  How could he do that?!!!

4)  Hmmm.  [Extra Points – if said by a practical middle-aged woman in a tired tone of voice]

5)  Why does he HATE ____________ so much???

6)  That’s not what he said!!!

7)  It’s all because of the media, you know?

8)  You gotta be shi%%ing me!  [Extra Points – if said by an older man in a befuddled tone of voice]

9)  What are you talking about??  Just last week he said ____________.

10)  NO WAY!

11)  I dunno what he said.  I fell asleep.

12)  That. Is. Not. True.

13)  We gotta get this guy____________.  [Extra Points – if said by a hyper-partisan person in a defiant tone of voice]

– – • – –


14 thoughts on “Thirteen Generic Phrases You Will Say Or Hear Today After Last Evening’s Presidential Debate

  1. In all fairness, I have to admit that I watched the debates off and on last night… with the sound off.

    I couldn’t tell you what either candidate said, but I can tell you that they both looked quite good. Stood up tall. Made hand/arm gestures that were balanced and sweeping. Nice suits, pretty ties. Smiled sincerely from time-to-time. Feigned interest in each other’s words. Looked pleased with themselves when they spoke.

    It was all very presidential. And I’m sure quite informative for those who listened to it. 😉


    • Zazzy, I never get anything from the words spoken during a debate, so I thought that maybe if I just. watched. it. I’d learn something. Maybe I did. I dunno.

      All I know is that today everyone will tell me that his or her candidate won the debate. And they will use all sorts of generic phrases in the process of telling me this & arguing with each other. Oy vey!


    • Margaret, every time there is one of these debates I hear someone or another afterwards say these phrases– as if they explain something profound. Totally ridiculous, so naturally I needed to post them here!


  2. Ha! Great list. Especially with the addendum of the Sesame Street image.

    I’m really amused that you watched the debate without sound. What a great idea! I almost couldn’t watch the debate at all, but what I did watch, I did listen to as well. I found it very dishearting.


    • alejna, your take of the debate is what I’m hearing over & over again. I know people who vote Dem & who vote GOP– and no one seems pleased with what happened Wednesday night. I have to wonder about the value of debates.


      • And I feel compelled to say, by “dishearting,” I meant “disheartening.” Can’t type at 11 at night.

        I also wonder about the value of these debates. They feel more like sporting events going in, and I don’t generally like to watch sporting events. They are about winning and losing. I think debate should be about elucidating positions. (And quite honestly I am less clear about Romney’s positions than ever.)


        • You’re right. They do feel like sporting events. I’m glad that I chose to merely watch this last one… which very well could be the last debate that I ever pay any attention to.


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