Back When TV Was Truly Refined

… After yesterday’s constant stream of sad news I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today.  

This is funny and sweet.  It’s a reminder of how smart + delightful television used to be.  So. Very. Calm.

I miss watching TV shows that were in black & white.  I miss seeing TV shows that don’t *flash* and *bang* all over the place.  I miss being entertained by TV shows that don’t try to impress me with their super hipness.

But mostly I miss the kind of innocence that allowed a pleasant “nobody” to outsmart a panel of curious “somebodies” by merely being herself.  With a smile.



[H/T to Maria Popova at Brain Pickings.  More info + other video clips here.]

[Unrelated to this video, but interesting to know, the contestant later wrote a memoir titled Look Back and Laugh.  Writers are everywhere, aren’t they?]

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10 thoughts on “Back When TV Was Truly Refined”

    1. kate, I agree. And if you have cable, then there are reruns all day of TV shows that originally aired after 8 p.m. so the naughtiness is constant. Not to mention the violence in the shows.


        1. kate, I know what you mean. As a society we’ve become desensitized to violence, but not me. I’ll watch some TV shows, but I never go to movies with violence in them. That’s too much hateful emotion for empathetic me.


  1. I used to enjoy watching these re-runs and also To Tell the Truth. They’ve tried to make new versions that just didn’t work as well. Perhaps it was the innocence of the time.

    I don’t know what to say about yesterday. My heart just breaks.


    1. Zazzy, I think that you got it right. When TV was new it was innocent and classy. Nothing like most of the crap we see today.

      Ditto about yesterday. Impossible to comprehend.


  2. I so agree with you! All innocence is gone. And everything is so sensationalized.
    I also hate the continual streaming of news along the bottom of the screen on a lot of the shows–so distracting!
    It’s funny. Tim and I were just talking about old time TV this morning, reminiscing about shows like Lucy’s Toy Shop 🙂


    1. Beth, I hate that news crawl, too.

      I loved Lucy’s Toy Shop with Pierre and Dragon and George the Giraffe. Plus my favorite, the shy lambie who said her ABCs. I imagine only a handful of people remember that show. Thanks for bringing it up.


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