An Inconvenient Blogging Truth

When I started keeping a personal blog I realized that I’d have to find the time to write.  Mornings work best for me.

And I also knew that I’d have to have the ability to express myself in this medium.   Stories, photos [not of people] and links work best for me.

But what did not occur to me was that I’d also have to have something to write about all the time.  That is, something would have to happen in my life that I’d want to tell you about.  Something interesting, or insightful, or entertaining.

And it is at this point in the process that I find myself today.  At a point where there is nothing to talk about.

It’s not as if I’m not doing things.  I am.  It’s just that I cannot fathom why anyone would care to read about the ho-humness of my daily life.  A ho-humness, I hasten to add, that makes me happy.

So, having explained myself thusly, I’ll end this post by leaving you, my gentle readers, with a guarantee that when something of note happens in my life, I’ll share it here.

And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes that succinctly explains my attitude toward blogging– and life, too, for that matter.

“Give me your heart, Make it real, Or else forget about it.”

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16 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Blogging Truth”

  1. You are so right! There are many bloggers who treat it like Facebook with details of what they did or ate today. That’s ok if there is a story but otherwise, “Quite frankly my dear……..” Let’s hope that you get inspired. It does not have to be something happening, just something that excites you. I enjoy your blog!


    1. Thanks kate. Well, I could talk about minutiae, but I am loathe to read about it when others do that so I won’t. [And, truth be known, that is part of the reason I left FB.]

      Now that I think about it I guess I could say that my blog posting mantra is: no story, no post. 😉


  2. I so get that. No matter how much people tell me otherwise, I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in the stuff I’m writing about. It bores me. On the other hand, I always find what you write interesting!


    1. Zazzy, I’m interested in what you write about, so keep on boring yourself!

      [I suspect that the topic of this post is only of interest to bloggers who have been at this for a while and who strive to have a bit of substance in their posts. If you fit into that niche, you know exactly what I’m talking about here.]


  3. Ally, I’m sure that I have broken that rule of having something worthwhile to write about. Many of my posts are probably blah, or so-what? to most people. But I write mostly for me, which is why I don’t have a lot of followers :). But I am ok with that. Really. I always read your posts and keep coming back, so you aren’t boring to me. . .Keep blogging!


    1. Cheri, I think that what you write about is interesting, so I don’t know that I’d put you into a blah category. There is always a story to what you have to say.

      And thanks for the encouragement. I plan to continue blogging. It is just that some weeks there really is nothing for me to say. I live a very simple, drama-free life which doesn’t lend itself to lots of posts and updates.


  4. I love other people’s day to day meanderings. What they eat for breakfast, what they’re reading, what is frustrating or wonderful to them. Such is the fabric of life. Keep on writing, my friend.


    1. Margaret, I plan on keeping on with this blog. Don’t worry. But I do, at times, find it difficult to have something to say here. I wonder if this reality is part of being an introvert. I don’t always want to share everything with people, you know?


      1. LOL–you can tell I’m not an introvert, so maybe that does make it easier for me. Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed because we’ve been on a trip, I pick some random photos and just start writing about them. That usually leads to other things!


  5. Once again I find myself agreeing with Margaret. When people post on the blog about their minutiae it’s different from on FB (or the FB I rarely look at anyway). I like reading posts about what ordinary people are doing on an ordinary day (social history is such a big passion of mine, not the kings and queens but the ordinary folk) and that seems different from the two or three lines on FB. I like to know what interests or excites them, so keep on writing, I love your blog.


    1. Polly, I think that you make an excellent point. There is a big difference btwn FB minutiae and blogger minutiae. As long as there is a story or a piece of info to be found in a blogger’s minutiae post, then it is of interest to others. I need to keep that in mind as I decide what to write about.


    1. I agree. I use that quote as a litmus test when considering if someone is on my side or not. Not everyone has to agree with me, but you gotta have heart to be one of my peeps.


  6. I know exactly what you mean! And even though stories abound in my life (with three kids, something is bound to happen), so often last year I’d sit down at the computer and say, “I don’t have anything to write about!” And then, ergo, I wrote nothing. Mostly thinking, I suspect, that my observations of Child #3 were already recorded with Child #1 and #2. But now, in my new attempts at blogging in earnest, I have started a journal on my phone (the Evernote app) that lets me write down ideas. Because otherwise I’ll be wondering what to say at the keyboard. And, as you pointed out, sometimes there just won’t be anything to say. And that’s okay too 🙂


    1. Stephanie, I can see why you’d hesitate, but think that even if you are redundant it’d be worth writing about the story again. If nothing else, just to show that genetics are an interesting thing!

      I like your journal on the phone idea. I have started writing down little thoughts on slips of paper & then putting them in a basket on the shelves above my desktop computer. Same process as yours, but much more low tech.

      We’ll slay this what-to-blog monster yet, won’t we?


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