My 2012 Yearlies List

[H/T to Chris at the Rude Cactus for this idea.  His list is here.]

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The Yearly Top Gardening Success:  Our in-ground sprinkler system for our lawn.  It took us years to have one installed, but now that we have one our yard remained green all summer– and I didn’t have to drag a hose + oscillating sprinkler anywhere on the property.  Not even once.

The Yearly Top Absurdity of Life:  Even though I didn’t go to Canada, I have a traffic violation from that country with a fine to pay.  I owe the Canadian Dept of Transportation 37¢ Canadian.  You see, Canada has a photo of a vehicle registered to me doing something illegal in their country.  The miscreant in this story is Z-D [or maybe one of his lawyer buddies] who went on his [their] annual camping cabin trip and somehow missed paying a toll along the way.  Because of this, I’m left holding the traffic violation.  And a bottle of maple syrup.

The Yearly Top Duh! Moment:  Cutie oranges.  Who knew these little clementines were so tasty?  Not me.  I thought they were only for kids, but thanks to J at Thinking About… I got some for our party, tried them and am now hooked.

The Yearly Top Annoying Term:  Guru.  If you believe yourself to be one, then you are not one.  This term is trite, hackneyed, pointless, stupid– and most of all, overused.  Don’t be a business guru;  you can do better than that.  Aim to add value, not gibberish, to the conversation.

The Yearly Top YouTube Video, Cat Angst Category:  Henri 5, The Worst Noël.  If you have ever been around a cat, then this series of videos will make you laugh more than you should.  Paws down.

The Yearly Top Expression Of Gratitude:  From a shy 10ish y.o. Boy Scout who came to the front door and sold me caramel corn + cheese corn.  A few weeks later when he delivered the products, he included a typed-out thank you note on a strip of paper, hand signed, which thanked me for helping him achieve his goal.  Very thoughtful kid.

The Yearly Top Home Improvement Project:  New light fixtures in the kitchen above the island & table.  Good-bye large weathered copper light fixtures with dingy uneven glass shades.  Hello sleek antique brushed nickel lights with etched white alabaster glass shades that spread the light evenly across the surface.  Such an improvement.

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So, what are your yearlies?  Care to share?

14 thoughts on “My 2012 Yearlies List

    • Margaret, thanks. I love writing posts like this one, but you are so right that it takes lots of thought to put it together. This is definitely not the year for you to be doing something like this post. Maybe next year, eh?


  1. I enjoyed your list – really loved the traffic violation in Canada. I’m assuming Mr. Zen Den paid the 37¢? Plus interest?

    I thought I’d copy the idea but so far, I’ve only come up with I didn’t kill anyone this year. While true, not sure that it should really be a highlight. 🙂


    • Zazzy, yes, Z-D paid the fine, but he used an American dollar, which after the exchange rate was applied, resulted in me getting a credit on my account with the great country of Canada. So I’ve got that going for me.

      And feel free to copy this. Certainly there must be a positive highlight or two you’d like to share.


  2. (Now I’m feeling like I didn’t get the memo…didn’t write a yearly roundup….that: “I didn’t kill anyone” sounds pretty good right now.)
    So smug, you are. Sprinkler system AND new light fixture. Totally unfair…and maple syrup. (and all I got was cat hair tumbleweeds and dog bone crumbs)
    Seriously alway enjoy dropping by to see what you’ve been up to..hope the new year brings lots of adventures and chuckles – and you share them with us!


  3. I just wanted to pop by and wish you the happiest new year. May your 2013 be full of blessings, laughter, and happy surprises. Thank you for being a blog friend and a joyful part of my life.


    • Relyn, thanks for remembering me. I love the idea of wishing someone a year full of blessings, laughter, and happy surprises, so I’ll say the same thing right back at you.

      [And please get well soon, so that you can start blogging again. I NEED your upbeat perspective on things.]


  4. Enjoy the cuties while you can! You get to a certain point, and they’re either rotten or dried out. Not that that stops them from selling the things. But when they’re good (like now), they’re GREAT!

    I love shy boyscouts. I bought a wreath from one a few years ago, in front of the grocery store. He was so sweetly heartbroken when I said no, that I went to my car, got the money, and came back. Then he was SO happy, and offered to attach it to the front of my car for me. Which I did not want, but it was a nice gesture.


    • J, good to know about the cutie season. You are a wealth of good info, my dear.

      Those shy boy scouts have a charm all their own. I can see me getting sucked into buying a wreath I didn’t want. In my case I bought some popcorn that I hoped would be tasty, but it was awful. Still, it was a good cause & the thank you note was priceless.


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