In Which I Decide On A Word Of The Year. Finally.

I’ve been a laggard about choosing my one word of the year.  This is because I’ve found myself caught up in the hype of picking the perfect word.  A word that has a large overarching theme.  A word that is unique, yet applicable to all facets of my life.  A word that will make me kick ass in 2013.

I don’t know why it is that this year I got thinking like this, but I did.  Even talking about it here I have to laugh at myself.  I guess all I can tell you is that the gods of external validation invaded my brain and brought various forms of doubt with them.  Hence, my inability to pick a word.

However, that is all behind me now.  You see, I had a serious chat with myself and managed to decide on a word that I think will satisfy both my pragmatic thinking side and my holistic feeling side.  The conversation, which may or may not have been out loud, went something like this:

Pragmatic Ally:  It’s just a word, Ms. Bean.  Get over yourself and pick one.

Holistic Ally:  But I don’t know, for sure, if I’ll pick the best one.  I need a sign of some sort so I’ll know that it is the. right. word.

Pragmatic Ally:  Just do it.  There’s your sign.  Nike said so.

Holistic Ally:  Okay, fine.  Balance.  I pick BALANCE.  Like in New Balance.  Which I like much better than Nike with their stupid swoosh.

Pragmatic Ally:  Great choice.  Well done.  Now get out there and kick some ass!

Holistic Ally:  But I don’t know how.  How do ‘ya do that?

Pragmatic Ally:  *sigh* Do I have to do everything for you?  You start where you are right now, do your best and see where it goes.  That’s how you do it.

Holistic Ally:  Oh yeah.  That’d work.  Good idea.  Thanks.

Pragmatic Ally:  No problem.

… And so it came to be that my one word for 2013 will be BALANCE.

18 thoughts on “In Which I Decide On A Word Of The Year. Finally.

    • Margaret, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who is talking to herself. Sometimes that sort of conversation is the only way I get anything done. Like this time.


  1. Great choice – it’s certainly needed to survive and thrive in a world that also needs it! (Although I do like the word “laggard” – always have – it’s sort of old fashioned – – it’s fun to say and has a funny sound and makes you laugh…but wouldn’t work as the year’s word…but it can make an appearance once in a while just for giggles?) Wishing you a great new year – can’t wait to see what comes your way!)


    • philosophermouse, thanks. I promise to use the word “laggard” occasionally this year so that I can balance my blog posts with some old words and some new ones. 😉


  2. Loved this post!! Your conversation with yourself was very entertaining to read—and very balanced:) Wishing you the best this year.


  3. Ah, my word for this year (as with many others) is hiraeth, which means longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness, for the land of one’s past (mainly Wales, but as I’m not Welsh, that can’t be it for me..). But I think I need a new, less wistful word, especially as I am now home.


    • dorothyanne, I adore your word of the year! So unique. So personal. So attainable… basically because no one can tell you are not wistful because how in the world would they know if you were wistful or not? Inspired choice, really.


  4. Had to smile at this because I have been writing a post about my struggle to find a word 🙂 And I just got some new balance shoes…..which I love! Here’s to a year of wonderful balance.


    • Sharon, ambition is something that I have in ever dwindling quantities. Funny how various words drift in and out of our lives, isn’t it? I wish you the best with your word.


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