Good Morning, Darling

Zen-Den needed to get up earlier than usual to go to work.  He set his alarm clock, but I didn’t hear it go off.  He heard it and went into the bathroom to shower and shave.  While he was in the shower I woke up.  I often wake up early, so it was no big deal for me to get up.  I went into the bathroom where he was now shaving.  The following conversation ensued.

# # # 

Him:  Was it the noise from the light that woke you up?

Me:  No, it was the light from the water running through the faucet that did it.

Him:  Oh good.  I didn’t want to bother you.

Me:  Hmm…  *smile*

{a minute of silence}

Him:  What did you say?  How did the light from the water running through the faucet wake you up?

Me:  It woke me up because the noise from the light didn’t.  *snicker*

Him:  Oh.

{30 seconds later}

Him:  What are you talking about???

Me:  I’m talking about why I got up.

Him:  What?  Wait a minute… you knew what I meant!

Me:  Yep.  But it’s so much more fun to confuse you early in the morning.

Him:  You make no sense.

Me:  I know.  *giggle*

# # # 

… And who rocks at Mind Games 101?

I do believe that it is Ms. Bean.  

Oh yes, I do.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning, Darling

  1. For the record, Bean always looks so happy when sleeping that I don’t want to disturb her. And, if I were the one sleeping I would want to be left to my slumber.


    • Zazzy, if I get a sound night’s sleep then I’m aware enough to hold a goofy conversation in the morning. But not much more than that… until I’ve had my coffee.


    • Relyn, I know how you feel. Still, for once, I got the upper hand in a conversation with Z-D, Esq. Usually I’m the one who is confused by his wily turns of phrase.


  2. Lovely! I miss my conversations with my husband in the morning. He was self-employed so I nearly always got up way before him. (except in summer) He was a laid back guy, but NOT a morning person, whereas I am. So, lots of fun and games!


    • Margaret, I sometimes think that it’s the ridiculous conversations in a marriage that hold the marriage together. Forget all the high minded concepts that religion and therapists toss at you. Stick with silliness if you’re in a marriage for the long haul!


    • Jamie, I’m usually a pretty good sleeper, if I do say so myself! But I do wake up early no matter when I go to bed. So getting up that morning wasn’t as difficult for me as it was for Z-D– who was not thinking clearly.


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