Looking For Fun & Feeling Wordy

•  Please take a moment to peruse the 50 Best Literary Insults.  You never know when you might need one.  CLEVER.

•  I may have found the perfect Weekly To Do List.  It’s pretty & free.  YES!

•  Do you need to figure out what the heck some business wonk is talking about?  Is jargon like Thought Shower | Gently Toggle | Weblication being tossed around the table?  Then check this out.  SNARKY.

•  Have you ever wondered what are the Top 10 Most Read Books in the World?  SURPRISING.

•  In case you were wondering, I give you the 12 Buzzwords You’ll Need to Know in 2013.  INANE.

•  So you say that you’re interested in setting type?  Then KERNTYPE {a kerning game} is just the place for you.  GROOVY.

~ That’s all I got for you today, gentle readers.  Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Looking For Fun & Feeling Wordy

  1. Let it be noted that the WP spellcheck doesn’t know the word: PERUSE. This is wrong, people. Just plain wrong. It’s a lovely word. Not too long. Very useful.

    I’m taking this way too personally, aren’t I?


  2. That is a pretty inane Top Ten Most Read Books list, in fact, it’s almost cringe worthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read almost every book listed there but I expected a bit more from the world.


  3. I just had a lot of fun with KERNTYPE. Thanks! (Which reminds me, have you seen the movie about Helvetica? It was fascinating. My husband and I watched the trailer thinking a documentary about a font would be ridiculously dry, but we got sucked in. I will never look at fonts the same.)

    Those buzzwords made me cringe. So glad not to be in an industry that uses them. (Do people really use them with a straight face? I think I’ll just pretend they are all used only in tongue-in-cheek self-mockery…)


    • alejna, I enjoyed KERNTYPE, too. In college I had an internship in a print shop where I learned how to set type. I wasn’t very good at it then, and I’m not any better at it now. The Helvetica movie sounds fascinating to me. Thanks.

      Like you I don’t hear business jargon too often, but when I do I tend to get a headache! Can’t stand the stuff.


    • Yes you can! They’re fun, albeit obscure. I think if I were to use them I’d have to write each one on a 3×5 index card which I’d pull out at the appropriate moment. Of course, I suppose that would dilute the impact of the insult. Hmmm.


  4. Love the To Do list from Pair of Pears. Very stylish. I’ve put the Helvetica movie on my LoveFilm list, with the Queen of Versailles that you recommended. Two films I never would have thought of watching before. I wish I could produce literary insults, or quotes for that matter, with style and aplomb, but sadly I always think of these things half an hour later. Doh!


  5. Da Vinci code? Really? I tried, but it bored me too terribly much to complete. I hope they didn’t find out that I had read some of it and count me. Blech.


    • J, I couldn’t get through it either. Now that you say it, I wonder if just buying the book is what the Top 10 book list is about. That’d explain some of the books on there that make no sense to me.


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