I Hate Fickle

fick•le adjective 

Definition of FICKLE – : marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic changeableness

Origin of FICKLE – Middle English fikel deceitful, inconstant, from Old English ficol deceitful; akin to Old English befician to deceive, and probably to Old English fāh hostile


•  So this morning it is still snowing here.  Pathetic.  I am tired of this stuff.  I am depressed because I cannot make any progress on any of my health + home decorating goals.  I am bored being stuck inside.  I feel like I have lost the month of March, one of my favorites, to fickleness.

•  This last week or so I’ve used my iPad more.  It’s a great device if you want to consume something.  Read an article or a book.  Watch a movie or a TV show.  Play a game.  Wonderful.  Easy.  But when it comes to creating an email message or a blog comment I find it awkward.  Fickle even.

This cute little machine auto-corrects willy-nilly and often sends/publishes what I write before I’m finished writing it.  So if you’ve received something from me that doesn’t make sense, know that it came from me & my iPad.  And that I am trying to get more comfortable using it.  There’s a learning curve here.

•  And while I’m in a complaining mood, let’s talk about advertisements.  In just the last few months I’ve seen more adverts on blogs & in magazines & on cable TV & in my snail mailbox than ever before.  And I don’t like this trend.  It seems desperate.

It is visual clutter and/or wasteful.  And, quite truthfully, when I see or receive lots of advertisements I immediately wonder what is really going on.  My spidey senses tell me that I am now the product and that someone is trying to use me.  Deceive me, perhaps.  It is fickle [in the original meaning of the word], ‘ya know?

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15 thoughts on “I Hate Fickle”

    1. belle, this has been one very long March. Too changeable to get anything accomplished. *meh*

      I don’t do ads so I put that owl on here years ago. I have no prob w/ anyone who uses ads, as long as the adverts don’t take over the blog. Or the magazine. Or my mailbox.


  1. Chrysti the Wordsmith used to be my favorite part of Morning Edition. Who knew about the original meaning of fickle?! Ditto on the weather. I think it was prettier around here in February than it has been this March.


    1. Zazzy, when my mother used the word fickle she meant it in the more ominous, older sense of the word. It’s only been in the last decade that I came to realize fickle has a lighter meaning now. Go figure?


  2. I have some of the same issues with my iPad but overall it’s fabulous. And that’s not an ad for Apple 🙂


    1. winesomebella, I like it most of the time, but when it comes to using the keyboard w/ a stylus I have difficulties. I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I’m sure.


  3. I am so sorry about the stupid snow(bad idea to mention that it was a sunny 63 here?) but feel better that your iPad is like my tablet–great for internet and reading but awful for e-mail and blogging.


    1. Margaret, actually I’m happy to know that somewhere it warm & springy. It gives me hope. I didn’t realize what I was getting into w/ this iPad. When it does things w/out hassle it is great… but composing anything on it is time consuming.


  4. Oh, boy, do I ever hear you. I’m freezing and resentful, and honestly, I’ve started to take it personally. I made such a bigass deal last year about the mild winter and how much I was loving the early spring that I really think I’m being punished. This last snowstorm really hurt my feelings. All I want to do is curl up in my big chair with my soft fleece blanket and not move until June.


    1. nance, I feel the same way. This is personal. I usually enjoy March because it gets pretty outside, but not this year. Instead what do we have? Fickle. meh


  5. I’m still getting used to an iPad – so far so good…but not attempting posts on them yet… think it will be great for traveling…like I can afford to go anywhere.
    Remember “the fickle finger of Fate?”


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