Everything Including Half Of The Kitchen Sink

•  I was testing my camera to make sure that it was still working after it had gotten dropped and knocked about a few times.  For no reason whatsoever I took a few photos of the kitchen sink.  So here you go:



•  Now that it is August I’ve decided to shift my posting schedule to afternoons.  And to do more of the dreaded bullet. point. posts.  And to just babble a bit more than usual.  In other words, I’m going to take it easy in my real life and think that I will do the same thing here.  No stories, just stream-of-consciousness.


•  It is gorgeous outside today.  Blue skies, white clouds, low humidity, happy birds, pretty flowers.  This is what summer should look and feel like.  I see that rain is in our forecast again [still], but I’m grooving on this beauty today for as long as it lasts.  Sounds like a philosophy of life, doesn’t it?  Maybe I could make a bumper sticker:


•  And with that piece of pithiness I’m going outside to do what I consider to be play;  that is, I’m going outside to weed the garden.  Yes, I’m a middle-aged, middle class, midwestern woman.


15 thoughts on “Everything Including Half Of The Kitchen Sink

  1. Love the bumper sticker idea. Also love the “stream” – generally more coherent than most people’s directed thoughts. Stream ye forever, my Beloved . . .


  2. I just love this time of year. Our weather has been gorgeous for the past week with a little rain here and there. It’s been in the high 70s and low 80s with normal humidity and just a slight breeze. I which I could live someplace where it was like this year round. I have been doing a lot of just “being thankful to be alive.” (That means not much work.)


    • kate, I agree. This time of year when the weather behaves itself is lovely. When you figure out where it is that a person can live like this all year round, please let me know. I want to move there, too.


  3. Pretty sink and counter!! We are having a summer full of those days, although when it gets into the mid-80s some of us(like me) without a/c get a LITTLE hot. I need to mow and water, but will refrain from weeding. 😉


    • Margaret, thanks. The sink is nice & deep which makes it so much easier to work in. No AC? I cannot imagine living here without it, but our humidity can be high for days on end so we all have it.


      • It’s rarely too hot here and even when it is, it cools down a lot at night. I think we need a/c a couple of days each summer, if that. I like that under the counter sink, but not enough to redo my kitchen. 🙂 That was enough of a PITA when we did it a few years ago!


  4. Perfect bumper stickers. (Oh, the “You’ve been warned” isn’t one, too? Pity….)
    Love your kitchen backsplash.(but not up to the redo mess right now)
    Can’t keep on posting schedule myself these days. (It’s not a time card paying job anyway)
    It’s to hot to play outside here…unfair.
    Babbling welcomed…everywhere, I hope


    • philosophermouse, you might be on to something with that “you’ve been warned” bumper sticker idea. As I recall when I was a child my mother said that phrase often. Certainly it is still in use today among mothers at the end of their ropes.


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