Assorted Monday Morning Botherations

::  All I can say is thank goodness that over the weekend we were smart enough to get to the grocery & stock up on a few things.  Not that this morning’s snowfall is all that deep, but it is slushy and messy.  And I dislike putting on hiking boots, which are high enough to protect my ankles from the snow, so that I can trudge from the car in the parking lot into the store where my feet get too hot as I shop.  This way, shopping ahead of the snow mess, my tootsies have not been inconvenienced at all.  


::  I’ve spent most of the last week suffering from some stupid eye problems.  I have rosacea in my eyes, which sucks;  but most of the time I’m able to not think about it because of all the prescriptions I use to reduce the inflammation.  [For me, Restasis is like meth.  Gotta have it.]   However, this last week I managed to chap my eyelids which means, in practical terms, that they itch like heck + they are flaking like flurries before a big snowstorm.  Today, in fact, is the first morning I’ve awakened without my eyelids itching so much I want to scream.  Yep, now I’ve progressed to a point where I want to mutter quietly about my eyes.


::  Did I tell you that the overhead light in the laundry room stopped working?  I was carrying a couple of baskets of dirty clothes into the room, hit the switch with my right elbow– and nothing happened.  No noise, no sparks, not smoke.  So, I put down the baskets and started checking the electrical outlets in the room.  They all worked, meaning that our overhead light had wornout and died.  Whoever heard of such a thing?  Overhead lights last forever, right?  Yet, here I am doing laundry in the dark.

Oh goody.

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20 thoughts on “Assorted Monday Morning Botherations”

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t make storm food with your stock of cream cheese. Let’s see cream cheese meat loaf casserole or mac and cream cheese. The recipes are endless. Restassis is like acid to me, burns right down to the soul. Good luck with your eyeballs.


    1. kate, you made me laugh! We, as you can imagine, are tired of cream cheese.

      I’ve heard other individuals mention how Restasis burns. For me, it doesn’t, so I continue on with it. Seems like there must be an alternative product…


  2. Love the poem, but hate the fact that your eyes still hurt. A new bulb in the fixture tonight, so for the rest ot today you will have to suck it up, Buttercup.


    1. Zen-Den, thanks. Maybe I need to put all of my tweets into poems? [No, wait– that’d take me all day to do. Not a good idea.]

      Will persevere through the day. Just call me Buttercup! Lord knows I have a lot of experience being strong in the face of calamities!


  3. Love the poem. I get how you’re feeling right away!
    I also use Restasis since getting one eye infection after the other. Works for me!
    Nothing like doing laundry in the dark! Navys and blacks will all look the same:) Good luck!


    1. Beth, hadn’t thought of the navy/black prob involved in doing laundry in the dark. Won’t much matter because most of the navy/black items in our laundry are Z-D’s socks… & who in this world is looking at his ankles?


  4. ‘It’s just another manic Monday
    I wish it were Sunday
    ‘Cause that’s my fun day
    My “I don’t have to run” day
    It’s just another manic Monday’

    That eyelid thing would have me climbing the wall. I feel for you, girl.


  5. That is a lovely poem and outside of that, I think it’s best I not talk about the weather.

    I have never had chapped eyelids and that sounds miserable. Everything else may be dry and chapped but since I don’t have dry flaky eyelids, I will not complain. That may be my new mantra. Just sounds awful.

    I love that Z-D responds to your blog in a practical way. Send him this direction because the light in the shower is dead and the only time I think of it is when I go to take a shower. Meh, there is enough ambient light in the bathroom. Who needs bright light in the shower?


    1. Zazzy, yes I agree. This early winter weather is a bummer.

      The eyelid thing is difficult to endure because it takes all my willpower not to rub my eyes. However, I am feeling better today so I think that it’ll soon be thing of the past.

      I never use the light above the shower, so I wouldn’t know if it worked or not. As for the light in the laundry room, I’m very fond of it. Rather accustomed to having it, ‘ya know?


    1. philosophermouse, thank you for your sympathy. I don’t want to be a sad sack, but this eye thing has me worn out.

      Love the idea of a Clapper on the light! Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I could learn to drop the laundry baskets in the right rhythm to make it work. “Drop on, Drop off… The Clapper!”


  6. I hate those physical annoyances–my right ear is plugged up and it is SUPER FRUSTRATING. I look like a fish most of the day trying to keep it unplugged. Grrrr. I am not very good at replacing lights. Usually I have the wrong type of bulb for whatever fixture it is.


    1. Margaret, I am not liking this eye prob, for sure. I know what you mean about the lightbulbs. There are so many kinds now, that it is a given that I’ll need to drive somewhere and buy some new-style goofy one. We rarely have what we need here.


  7. We have about 6 inches on the ground up here and expect a bit more today. Then, by Friday, rain and 50 degrees to hopefully send it all away. CAN’T WAIT. Take a day or two for yourself, dear, and forget what your other half says. My philosophy is wallow a little and bitch a lot. Or…it might be the other way around. Either one. Doesn’t matter. Just do it.


    1. nance, that amount of snow is not enough to make the world look as beautiful as a Currier & Ives print, so it’s a botheration– and can go on my list!

      Will attempt to wallow and bitch myself to good health. You are a wise woman for knowing exactly what I need to do to get better. I trust that a glass of wine (or two) is also part of your recommendation.


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