Cold. Bored. But With A Song In My Heart. Or Something Like That.


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Let’s pretend, for purposes of discussion, that in an uncharacteristic development, I’ve discovered that I have NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT here today.      

That after a week of being at home, unable to get my car down our driveway onto the street due to an ice build-up at the bottom of the driveway where it meets the street, I have NO STORIES TO TELL.    

That after this weather-induced hermit experience my creativity and awareness have disappeared, lost in the boredom that comes from DOING TOO MUCH NOTHING BY MYSELF.

Meaning that all I have to share with you, my gentle readers, is a photo of a birch tree branch that fell on top of the icy snow, making a lovely visual summation of my current situation: IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE AND I GOT NOTHING MUCH TO DO.         

Except, I guess, to decide what song needs to be in my heart.  ANY SUGGESTIONS, ANYONE?  Goodness knows, I have the time to listen to them all!

16 thoughts on “Cold. Bored. But With A Song In My Heart. Or Something Like That.

  1. Zazzy, I’m so computer gamed out that I’m beginning to see dots… and animated vegetables… and striped candies.. and words floating in front of my eyes when I try to focus on anything! I’ve taken to playing solitaire with an actual deck of cards just to get away from the screens.


  2. We are not quite as snowed in but there is snow everywhere and I am quite sick of it. The roads are a bit icy and plans keep getting cancelled. However, that shouldn’t dry up your creativity. There are also stories from your past or the Olympics or……


    • kate, you’re right, of course. There are lots of stories I could tell here, but found myself completely blank this morning… which seemed like a tale to tell in and of itself. 😉


    • nance, you have it worse than I do. No doubt. This is one of those winters that makes me wonder about the wisdom of living up north. Of course, next fall when the south is getting hammered with hurricanes, I’ll be singing a different tune. But until then, I believe that a bit of complaining is in order.


  3. Has anyone mentioned that the branch looks like a stick figure that has thrown itself down with its long legs and arms in the air. Is that representative of a frustrated you? 😉 Do you have a kindle? You could download some books and do a few reviews for us. Are you reading anything? Since I love mysteries, I’m immersed in Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin. Hope you can escape soon. I would HATE THAT scenario.


    • Margaret, you’re right, the branch does look like a stick figure that has given up all hope. Great observation.

      We had warmth and sunshine yesterday that caused melting, so I can get my car over the ice blockage now… which means I’m: “Back In The Saddle Again.” Now there’s a song that should make my heart happy.

      “I`m back in the saddle again / Out where a friend is a friend / Where the longhorn cattle feed / On the lowly gypsum weed / Back in the saddle again.”


  4. We got pounded with snow this week, though still probably not as much as you. After having school cancelled Thursday, Friday, Monday and half of today my girls were feeling desperate. They worked on multiplication tables. For fun.


    • Stephanie, I never thought to do multiplication tables as a way of passing the time. I bet that all 3 of your girls could do them better than I could! I’ll keep that in mind should I [oh let’s hope not] find myself iced in at home for a week again.


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