My Own Version Of Lady & The Tramp

I almost feel bad about this.

I mean, it’s never my intention for my actions to cause any creature to get upset.  I’m not one to stir the pot just for the heck of it.  I’m one to glue the puzzle pieces together to make things whole.


Our neighbor’s dog, who looks just like Lady from the Disney movie,  Lady and the Tramp, is a pretty cocker spaniel with impeccable manners.  She usually sits on her front sidewalk, watchful and quiet;  or patrols up and down her driveway, checking out the suburban scene around her house.  

With nary a woof-woof.

Sadly, she has not taken this extreme weather in stride.  In fact, more than once this winter she has barked her displeasure with me as I trudge diagonally across our snow-covered front yard to get to our mailbox.  Granted as I’m doing this I’m wearing a huge parka, hat and scarf, so maybe she thinks that I don’t belong over here.  

That I’m a tramp of sorts.  

All I know is that she makes it clear to me that she believes that I’m breaking decorum by not using our [currently ice-covered] concrete sidewalk and driveway.  This makes her uneasy, I sense.  Worried.  And in need of telling everyone within a five block radius about my lack of good manners as evidenced by my tramping through the snow.

Who knew that this breed of dog could be so loud?  

cocker_spanielPhoto Source: American Kennel Club

13 thoughts on “My Own Version Of Lady & The Tramp

  1. This is funny, Ally Bean! We musn’t worry about what dogs think about us. Or cats. I’m working on not worrying about what other humans think, but this may take a little bit more time. 😉


  2. That photo looks like a stuffed toy! I’m sure the dog is nervous; they are creatures of habit and you are changing that by your new path. Also my MIL had cocker spaniels(raised them and sold them) and I think that they are one of the dumbest dogs, compared to others.


    • Margaret, I bet that you’re right about her being nervous. Never thought of that. You may also be right about this dog being dumb. She doesn’t look like there’s much going on behind her eyes, but she sure is cute!


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