Let’s Talk About Cowinkydinks

So here’s how it all happened.

I went to the grocery to pick up a few things for dinner.  Me with a list, even.  Rather clued into what was going on around me.

As I was walking into the lobby of the store I thought that I recognized another woman walking into the store.  I wasn’t sure at first, but I thought that this woman was my R.A. during my sophomore year of college.

At a small liberal arts university nowhere near here.  About eleventy hundred years ago.

# # #

As she was grabbing for a shopping cart and turned toward me, I realized that she was, indeed, my R.A. in college, who I hadn’t seen in decades.  So I exclaimed her name.  Loudly.

Fortunately, she didn’t seem fazed by some crazy woman, moi, shouting at her.  And in fact we began to talk.  After a few minutes of re-connecting in the lobby of the grocery, she suggested we meet for lunch.

Which we did and had a great time of it.  We even plan to get together again next month to continue the conversation.

# # #

This would be the end of the story if it weren’t for the weirdest coincidence that happened later in the day.  While at lunch my former R.A. told me that she had grown up in a town that I’d never heard of before, a small town in the next state over.

That evening Z-D came home from work and told me that he had to get up early to drive to a meeting somewhere he had never been to before.

Where was he going?  To a little town in the next state over where my R.A. had grown up.

Now what are the odds of that?

19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Cowinkydinks

    • Margaret, it’s one of the stranger happenings in my life! I mean, not in a thousand guesses would I have ever thought that this could happen. Yet, it did.


    • Stephanie, me too. Considering that neither one of us is from this area, it makes this accidental meeting even more unique. And then to have Z-D going to her hometown it is just plain freaky. But way cool, too.


  1. Maybe one more thing connected to it all will happen. The Rule of Threes and all that. Perhaps the college you went to will be in the news for something major. Be on the lookout!


    • Christy, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I loved that this happened, but it is rather peculiar on a bunch of levels. Maybe I need to mull it over while eating the breakfast that you suggest. Fat and caffeine will certainly help me figure it all out. 😉


  2. Getting chills from all the cowinkydinks. Sometimes the universe brings things together like that. 🙂


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