Links For Eggheads: Health & Beauty Edition

… because information is FUN dammit.

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[But before I begin, an aside:

When I find something interesting online I try to keep the link.  I do this because I adore it when I go to someone else’s blog and find that he or she has taken the time to curate a list of links, so once in a while I try to do the same thing here.

Although now that I think about it, I feel a bit like Sheldon Cooper presenting his lame video podcast series, Fun With Flags.  But I have no Amy Farrah Fowler here to help me, so this is all different from that.


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√  to look your best in photographs (and you know that you want to), go here.  USEFUL.

√  to get a better grip on your own sanity, go here.  PROFOUND.

√  to change your arms from lunch lady to gym rat, go here.  INSPIRING.

√  to style curly hair so that you don’t look like a poodle gone wild, go here.  HOPEFUL.

√  to understand why you trip up when you attempt to make changes, go here.  INSIGHTFUL.

√  to have a toned tummy while living a crunch-free life, go here.  DOABLE.

√  to keep your happy heart healthy (which we all know is a good thing), go here.  IMPORTANT.

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18 thoughts on “Links For Eggheads: Health & Beauty Edition

  1. I try to keep links, too, but far too often I don’t and forget where I read something. For example, I read something similar on making changes recently. Somewhere. You might enjoy Mental Floss, if you don’t read it already. Lots of lists.


    • Zazzy, I lose more links than I save! Which is why I so enjoy it when other bloggers make lists like this one. It’s always interesting to see what has caught the mind + heart of someone else.

      And I agree, Mental Floss can be a gold mine of fascinating links.


  2. I went through all of the links(except the curly hair one) and found them all to be pretty useful. Thanks for sharing. And the Big Bang Theory was a great way to get my laugh for the day! Now, off to practice holding my face right in the mirror and trying some of the exercise moves!


    • Beth, I thought that this bunch was perfect for Spring. Who isn’t into starting new things, bettering yourself now that Winter is over? And I agree about TBBT– it makes me laugh over & over again.


  3. I save links and then don’t remember where I did it–was it an e-mail I sent to myself, a bookmark lost among many, etc. It’s overwhelming sometimes. 🙂 The best place for me to save links is on my blog and Facebook so I can definitely find them later.


  4. I love Fun with Flags. LOVE IT. Added the tips for photographs to my arsenal for Trying To Look Decent In Pictures. Read with great interest the one about Practicing Optimism and shaping your perspective. I absolutely believe that, and I offer this advice to anyone who seeks my guidance. In a more concrete way, I also suggest to some people that taking time to write down five Positive Observations a day in a designated notebook is very helpful. Small things, like catching an elevator, seeing a tulip tree, finding a needed item on sale, etc. can make a person see that good things do happen quite often, but are just as often overlooked.


    • nance, Fun with Flags is one of my favorites. I’m happy to know that you liked it, too.

      It’s funny that you’d mention what you did. This last week I started telling myself each night what three good small things happened during my day. I thought that I needed to focus more the happy details of my life– let the positivity shine & so forth. Your idea is, of course, is much grander than mine. 🙂


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