Almost Wordless Wednesday: No Horses For You

[Subtitled: In Which I Plan Ahead And Have My Camera With Me Only To Find This]


Photo of pasture where horses should be standing, but are not.

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Ally Bean

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8 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday: No Horses For You”

  1. Hmm. Just looked back at the older post – where did they all go? Were they travelers? Or there for a show or event or something? It is as if they were never there!


    1. Polly, I don’t know where the horses went. It baffled me because the pastures and barns were still there, but not a horse to be seen. I think that the place is still in business, but maybe not?


  2. Maybe they were eating breakfast in the barn:) You’ll have to keep an eye out for them on your next walk.


    1. Beth, you’ve seen where the horses are supposed to be… yet not a one in sight. I like your idea that they’re eating breakfast. Must be it.


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