Almost Autumn: This Change Of Season Suits Me

This past Sunday morning was the first day in months where the temperature was below 60ºF and the humidity was low.

Delightful. Refreshing. Clear.

DSCN3534 - Version 2

I was able to drink my first mug of coffee while sitting on the deck all by myself.  Experiencing the stillness of the early morning centered me in a way that makes me feel whole.

Hopeful. Capable. Calm.


It wasn’t until I looked up into the trees behind our house that I realized how soon it’ll be autumn. And that I wasn’t alone out there on the deck.  Two birds, way up high, were keeping me company.

Cheerful. Balanced. Orange.


Autumn is about letting go of what used to work and enjoying what is. I’ve found over the years that I can embrace its message because I’m open to new ideas and seem to have an aptitude for adjusting to what is.

Creative. Grateful. Aware.

DSCN3541Meaning that in about another month this tree, next to where the birds were sitting, will be a showy mess of fall color.  And when it is I plan to be engrossed in new projects and a healthier way of life.  Hello Autumn!

Determined. Grounded. Focused.

16 thoughts on “Almost Autumn: This Change Of Season Suits Me

  1. Oh, yes! Right there with you; ready for crisper, cooler air. September can be unpredictable, but is often a nice transitional month.


    • nance, I’m more than ready to transition into fall. September may be a bit of tease, but I can smile at that, while patiently waiting for October and November to make the scene.


  2. We still have pretty warm temperatures, but got some much needed rain last night and it’s still misting today, which is refreshing. The shorts won’t be put away yet. I’m so glad it’s cooler there for you and your pesky allergies. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the changing leaves and maybe more birds.


    • Beth, I enjoy this time of year, but will be wearing shorts/capris as long as I can! Yes, you’re right about my allergies beginning to go away: YAY! Will tell the birds that you want pics of them– knowing that I’m sure that they’ll sit still so I can photograph them. As if.


  3. I love the transition months. Summer and winter have their charms, but the heat can be oppressive in the summer, and winter gets dark and yucky. OK, winter here isn’t that bad, and summer, while often hot, is not humid in California. So I won’t complain about that. Instead I guess I can complain about the times it gets too hot and I don’t even want to walk from the house to the car, or how dry and brown it gets here every summer and how I dislike that. Or the drought. I guess I could gripe about that. Anyway, I really enjoy the crisp mornings and warm afternoons that accompany the changing of the leaves here. And then in the spring, the same thing…crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and the joy of seeing the leaves come out on the trees. Heaven.


    • J, I agree. I enjoy watching nature change during the fall and spring. The variety keeps me engaged with the world around me. Plus I enjoy knowing that I can go outside without getting scorched by the sun or frost-bitten by the cold. Small things, but important things.


  4. It doesn’t feel at all like autumn here yet. I am hoping it will soon. At least it has cooled down a little. I love watching the seasons change and I’m hoping we get enough rain to make for pretty colors.


    • Zazzy, it was like someone flipped a switch: Saturday was crummy summer, Sunday was pre-fall. I hope that you get the water you need, too. Nothing more vibrant than trees in autumn. You deserve to see the beauty.


  5. Great post! It’s definitely starting to feel like fall–our leaves are just beginning to change colors. Fall is really nice, at least when it’s not raining. And I think it smells the best.


  6. Love your message and you definitely deserved this lovely cool day so that you could enjoy some deck time and coffee. I’ve become way fonder of autumn than I used to be–and of spring. I do love summer because we have lovely ones in the PNW, plus I have no allergies. Winters tend to be gray and rainy with an occasional snowmaggedon 🙂 but since I love to read and sit by the fire inside, that’s OK too. I consider it my hibernation time!


    • Margaret, when I was younger I didn’t like fall weather at all! Resented how I had to wear so many different types of clothes during the season as the temps changed. But now I really like it. I’m like you about winter. I have no problem hibernating with books, TV shows, recipes. Summer can be glorious here & when it is I enjoy it for all its worth. My least favorite season is Spring. I look forward to it, but know that all the rain can make me morose and bored. Although some years that doesn’t happen.


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