Again With The Five Senses Friday


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FEELING:  organized.  centered.  jovial.  ready to have a productive and fun weekend.  nice weather predicted.  a neglected garden to weed.  a new vegetarian recipe to try.

HEARING:  with the windows open, traffic from the interstate.  going fast.  no sirens.  just a nice lull in the background.

TASTING:  water.  cold.  fresh.  keeping me hydrated as I seat here typing.  adding vitality to my life.

SEEING:  trees with red leaves on a few of the branches.  green grass tinged with a bit of gold.  blue skies with white clouds.  a relaxing natural color palette indicative of change.

SMELLING:  a new parfum called fresh life.  its scent has lingered in the air after I applied a dab of it from a sample card onto my wrist.  light floral.  citrus-ish.  clean.    

[This meme, which I think is a wonderful idea, originated a long time ago on a blog that is now defunct.  If you wish, you may play along in the comment section below or on your own blog.]

15 thoughts on “Again With The Five Senses Friday

  1. Feeling: A little apprehensive waiting to leave for a dr. appointment.
    Hearing: Cicadas out in the back yard just humming away, drowning out all other sounds.
    Tasting: A mug of hot Earl Grey tea-my favorite.
    Seeing: Mozart sitting here beside me wishing that I would give him another treat.
    Smelling: Fresh, damp air wafting in from the back screen door.


    • Hey there Beth! What a lovely list. Except the doctor’s appointment part, of course. I love Earl Grey, too. Go ahead and give Mozart another treat– tell him it’s from me! Thanks for playing along.


  2. Feeling: Cosy in my sweater, sweat pants and extra thick socks.
    Hearing: Husband hiccupping – part of a shared workspace. Music playing. Fingers typing.
    Tasting: blood, to be honest. I had my wisdom tooth removed just the other day.
    Seeing: The bright day reflected off of the trees outside. My book collection. This messy desk. Sunshine and blue sky.
    Smelling: A cup of earl grey tea, cooling down beside me.

    🙂 FUN! Thanks for the meme idea. It’s a great writing exercise too.


    • Catherine, I’m glad that you liked this meme. It’s a favorite of mine because it forces me to sit still and focus on the moment at hand.

      Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. Years ago I had mine out and I remember exactly that taste you mention. Give it a few days more, it goes away.

      Seems like the next time I post this meme I’ll need to offer a cuppa of Earl Grey tea to everyone! We got a theme going here. 😉


  3. How disappointing! I check back here late this afternoon to see who else has joined in on this wonderful meme, and no one has. I know, via the stats, that lots of people have read this today, but apparently joining in was too much for me to ask. Duly noted. Sadly accepted.


    • Okay, I’ll contribute. I have enjoyed your blog so much, Ally (especially your clever little surprises like superc-ally-fragilistic… and your exquisite photography and images, so elegantly included in your articles) that I wouldn’t think of leaving you disappointed. Besides, you visited mine (and maybe even subscribed). I already told a story about hearing earlier, but I’ll fill in the other blanks and the hearing one with what’s current:
      Feeling: The smooth plastic keys under my fingers and a somewhat sore tailbone–I simply can’t remember to sit up straight at my desk.
      Hearing: A little a/c hum, a LOT of tinitus. Kinda fun, though–it’s in stereo and I can pinpoint the direction of each frequency.
      Tasting: A saltiness when I lick my mustache. (I never have a mustache or beard, but I’ve not shaved or trimmed since Feb. 8. I will razor it all off in a couple weeks, though. Can’t eat without making a mess and can’t feel my cats’ fur against my face.)
      Seeing: one of my beautiful cats, Bebe, between my keyboard and monitor.
      Smelling: The electronics surrounding me–computers, stereo gear, and does that weird smell from the air conditioner count? (If I had fired up the Weber–nice to see you bbq the real way, too–mesquite would be the aroma; but tonight it was leftover spaghetti.)


      • Chaz, thanks for playing along. I adore your answers. They’ve made my day! I, too, slouch at my desk and am experiencing the same sore tailbone as I type this. No tinitus or mustache, but I do remember that when we had cats one was always parked between me and the computer screen, interrupting anything I tried to do. I know what you mean about the AC having some sort of odor, but I’d be hard pressed to describe it exactly. And yes, we have a very old [decades old] Weber grill that does the trick. Some people like gas grills, but we’re old school here… and too cheap to buy a new grill of any sort.


  4. I do hope you enjoy the recipe! Thanks for the link. 🙂

    I noticed a few yellow and orange leaves on the trees on my walk today. Nice.

    Interesting that you choose ‘feeling’ as one of the five senses…I think I would say ‘touch’ is one of the five senses, rather than your feelings. However, I like the idea of taking the time to note how you’re feeling at the moment, and it’s your blog, your meme, so you can do what you want. Nice.

    I’ll play.

    Feeling – my feet hurt a little bit. Today is my first day back trying to use my standing desk, after my foot problems. I’m glad to be up and about again, but am thinking it may be time to sit down in the next few minutes.

    Hearing – my radio. Listening to NPR, specifically ‘Marketplace’. I don’t listen to the radio that often, but when I remember, I like to stream NPR in the afternoon while working.

    Smelling – the smell of cleaning. Scrubbed the bathroom a little while ago. Not a fun job, but one that needs to be done.

    Tasting – peanut butter and apples for lunch. Looking forward to tasting dinner tonight. It’s ‘breakfast for dinner’ for me, which will be an egg scramble consisting of eggs, bacon, red bell pepper, and green onions. My favorite.

    Seeing – my workspace. It was quite a mess, since when I was sitting to work for the last few weeks, I got in the bad habit of just plopping things on my desk and ignoring them. Straightened it up today, which is a good thing.


    • J, I didn’t create this meme, but you’ve got a good point about “touching” being a better fifth sense to note than “feeling.” Of course, all of us would probably say that we were touching the keypad so it might not work so well.

      I’m happy to learn that you’re back on your feet, if only for a short time. Progess.

      I listen to NPR in the car in the afternoon on the days when I run errands. Don’t know why, but that’s the only time when I listen to it.

      Your “breakfast” dinner sounds delicious to me. If I don’t get the chance to make your eggplant recipe, who knows– your “breakfast” dinner might be our dinner tomorrow night!

      Thanks for playing along. Always love hearing from you.


  5. I realize when reading this that I am REALLY not good at focusing at the moment at hand, or I over analyze everything. I don’t really smell anything except my scentsy warmers. It’s very quiet. I’m seeing my computer screen. 🙂


    • Margaret, well done. I think that you’re more focused on the moment at hand than you’re giving yourself credit for! It’s not like there is a right or a wrong answer to these prompts. There are just answers.

      [Well, that was very Zen, wasn’t it?]


  6. I’ll just tell you about my heariung experience many years ago. I had just moved to Santa Monica, California, a block from the beach. I love the sand, the ocean, the surf. Tanning is my favorite outdoor sport.
    Shortly after I settled in, I had some friends over. I mentioned how soothing it was to hear the surf, surprisingly though since the beach was several blocks away. But sound does carry in moisture, you know. So everyone went real quiet to listen to the surf with me, and everyone had quizzical looks on their faces. Finally my best friend spoke up. Chaz, he said, that’s not surf, that’s traffic. Sure enough, I was living directly over the busiest street in Santa Monica.


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