Someone Likes My Laura Ingalls Wilder Blouse & It Isn’t Me

{Sub-titled: Never Underestimate The Youthful Appeal Of Calico}

Personal style is such a fickle thing.

I was in the grocery store about 10:00 a.m. standing near the deli counter, but not at it.  I was looking for a particular brand of taco chips, not sliced meat.

A woman behind me started talking to me.  She said: “Oh, it’s you!  I always know when you’re shopping in the store because of that blouse you’re wearing.”

I turned around to see who it might be that was aware of my grocery shopping ensemble, which I apparently wear quite often.

• • •

Standing there, in her Kroger uniform, was a women who works full-time behind the deli counter.  She is, as you can imagine from her unexpected chatty hello, a happy person who always gets my order right.

I like her.

I thanked her, and then not knowing what to say next I shared with her that this blouse, which I think of as my Laura Ingalls Wilder blouse, came from the Lands End at Sears sale rack years ago.

I didn’t explain to her that I bought this blouse, not because I thought that it was pretty, but because it fit perfectly, the price was right and the blue/periwinkle colors of the fussy pattern flatter my skin tone.

• • •

The woman went on to tell me that she liked my blouse because: “I had one just like it in junior high when I was 14 years old.  And now when I see you in yours, I  feel young again.”

Now isn’t that sweet?

The only problem here is that this faded summer blouse, which I do not like, is living on borrowed time.  Come cold weather it’s leaving my closet permanently and going into the Goodwill pile.

I hate to disappoint the best deli meat slicer in the store, but honest to goodness, I’ve seen enough calico print on me to last a lifetime.  I only hope that my decision to part with this blouse does not adversely affect my future deli counter service.

Only time, and a half pound of turkey sliced thin, will tell.


18 thoughts on “Someone Likes My Laura Ingalls Wilder Blouse & It Isn’t Me

    • Carrie, so true. And there’s always something in my closet that I hate, but wear anyhow because I bought it. When it comes to clothes, to quote Roseanne Roseannadanna: “Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something—if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.”


  1. I was thinking on the same lines: “I only hope that my decision to part with this blouse does not adversely affect my future deli counter service.”

    Hey! Maybe you can give it to the Deli lady instead of Goodwill . . . she could make a tea cozy out of it. 😛


  2. This just cracks me up! That blouse looks so familiar! Maybe I’ve seen you wear it before when you first got it? Or maybe you had something like that in high school? I can see why it flatters your skin tone, though. It’s the perfect colors for you. Who knows? Maybe you can replace it with something similar, at least similar colors:)


    • Beth, I think that everyone who I know in real life has seen me in this blouse. Even though I don’t like it, I wear it often because… it flatters my skin tone and fits perfectly. I agree. I want to replace it with something a similar color, but without all that fussy calico print going on. *meh*


  3. Kudos to you for wearing it even though you don’t like it. Even when things are my favorite color, sometimes I just can’t wear them if I don’t like them. I like Nancy’s comment and think you should give it to the deli lady. You never know there may some extra sliced turkey in your future.


    • la p, I promise not to give it to you, but instead to give it to Goodwill where I’m hoping that someone who really likes it will buy it. This blouse has served its purpose, but no. more. tiny. pattern. please!


  4. That is the kind of blouse I like and wear. Cheery and comfy looking. However, when I get tired of things, whether I like them or not, they get donated to someone for whom they will be NEW and exciting.


    • Exactly Margaret. I bought this blouse because I knew that it’d be comfy when doing errands around town. But now the time has come to say “good-bye” to it– and suffer the consequences of not charming the deli meat slicer woman with my wardrobe.


  5. Sigh. I’m putting off cleaning out my drawers and closets–purging, is more like it. I have a ton of stuff that simply needs to go. I haven’t worn it in a while; I no longer like it; it’s no longer me–and this post is sort of a little nag for me.



    • nance, so happy that I could have the honor of nagging you! But I have to admit that I’ve got the same problem going on here. My closet and clothes boxes under the bed are filled with… I don’t know what. I’m just not in the mood to deal with it, I guess.


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