I’m Cackling Here About Nothing In Particular Just Because I Can

One of the realities of keeping a blog is the expectation that I will have something to say every week when I get here.  This expectation emanates both from within me + from you, my gentle readers.

I said that I’d be here, so I’ll be here.

That being explained, I can now confide in you that I don’t always have much to say here.  After a decade of bouncing around the blogosphere, I don’t consider this to be a problem.  I know that I’m a laid back communicator with an easygoing style who can turn just about anything into a blog post.

Yep, I got skillz.

So it won’t surprise you to know that the retro Kroger egg commercial that I shared above is all that I have to talk about today.  To wit, I found the simple b&w animation charming and the honest message entertaining.

“Isn’t the chicken lucky that eggs are the shape that they are?”

And now, having fulfilled my self-imposed obligation to post something of great value on this blog today, I’m going to wander off into the real world where I hope to have positive adventures and to gain deep insights into human nature so that I may share them with you, my gentle readers, next week.  Until then:

Be safe. Be happy. Be.

20 thoughts on “I’m Cackling Here About Nothing In Particular Just Because I Can

  1. Bean, your ability to say “nothing” is more entertaining and informative than most people’s attempt to say something meaningful (including mine). As always we are better off by reading and absorbing your wit and wisdom. it keeps me balanced and focused. Go forth and enjoy your day in the World. Z-D.


    • Zen-Den, you flatter me! If I know one thing about myself for sure, it is that flapdoodle and twaddle [such as this post] come naturally to me. No wonder I keep a blog, eh?


  2. I have been buying my eggs from a person who has a bunch of chickens in her back yard. It’s not really a farm, just a big rural yard. No antibiotics, no cages. The funny part is that no two eggs are alike. Some are big and some are small and they are all colors from white to mocha to brown to speckled. BTW for a job interview I had to give a 20 minute presentation on any topic. (They were testing my speaking skills.) My husband (bless his heart) said, “No problem, you can talk about nothing for 20 minutes easy.” I consider that a skill just like pulling blog posts out of the air.


    • kate, that’s interesting. I didn’t know that eggs from the same bunch of chickens could vary that much. Do different size/color eggs taste different?

      And thank you! I, too, believe that being able to create something [this blog post?] out of nothing [that Kroger commercial?] is a good life skill. It’s a skill I developed as an introvert who often doesn’t want to talk about herself but needs to keep the conversation going.


  3. You’ve got mad skillz! And you’re cool. I’m now imagining you being kept in a cool room and being transported in a cool truck. I love classic commercials and I’m sure it’s a worthy topic.


    • Zazzy, yes, I’m cool! 😉 Not because I’m in a truck, but because the temps have dipped into the 40s. I like classic commercials, too, because they provide a good insight into how things used to be. History made easy, I guess.


  4. The first commenter “stole” my observation. That commercial could have been over at :22. I guess it highlights the contrast of our more fast-paced advertising now, and how we are used to things moving along at a speedier clip in general. The reactions of the hen are still funny, though.

    On another note, I get my eggs from an Amish farmer, so they’re very free-range and organic, and boy are they very different from supermarket eggs in size, shape, and overall richness of the yolk. Only $1.75 a dozen, too. I feel very fortunate.


    • nance, the commercial seemed more like a cartoon than an advert. It charmed me. I’ve never purchased eggs from anywhere but the grocery store. After reading a few of these comments I’m getting curious about what I’ve been missing. Something to investigate.


  5. Some people timidly tiptoe and some splash. You’re definitely splashy.
    Envious of the cooler temps – to sweltering here. Get out and enjoy it!
    (Oh, and maybe you’ve hit upon a perfect idea: have school kids use classic commercials instead of textbooks for history classes – see the events through eye of those times….wouldn’t have to worry about those who couldn’t decipher the marks on the page either?)


    • philmouse, I believe that you might be the first person to ever call me splashy! Thank you. As for history via adverts, that would have added some splash to my high school teachers’ dry history lessons. I wanted to love history, but oy vey the classes were so linear and dull.

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  6. I think some of the best posts we write are really about not much of anything–just life and funny vids or an interesting moment/person we experienced in our travels.


    • Margaret, I agree with you 100%. That’s why I started keeping a blog to begin with– so that I’d have a place to record all the little nuances of my life. Such as they are.


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