A Sunday Morning Walk In What Amounts To The Wilderness For Us Suburban Folk, Part 1 Of 2


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Even though it was a bit hazy outside last Sunday morning, Zen-Den & I decided to go for a walk in a nature preserve.  During the first part of our walk, which took us through a native grassland enhancement area, we went…


over a sturdy bridge…


by a pond reflecting colorful autumn leaves still on the trees…


down a quiet path…


to fields of wild black-eyed Susans…


with milkweed and dandelions interspersed among them…


to an unexpected spot to take a rest.

[Part 2 will be tomorrow.]

16 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning Walk In What Amounts To The Wilderness For Us Suburban Folk, Part 1 Of 2

  1. It is good to rest and reflect on that bench. Hope there aren’t any critters(like a Goose) out there in the night. Can’t wait to see the rest of the trail.


    • Becky, we weren’t expecting a bench in the middle of a native grassland enhancement area, but there it was. Inviting. And appearing so small when compared with the acres of flowers around it.


  2. The wilderness may not have groomed trails but it looks like a really lovely walk. I can live with that. I like the bench. It’s nice to have a place to sit and enjoy the flowers. Needs more benches.


  3. One nice thing about living where it rains in the summer is how GREEN everything is. Everything is brown in California, and not just because of the drought, but because it’s always brown this time of year. So when I see pictures of the Midwest, Northwest, and East Coast, I think, OH HOW PRETTY. That is indeed a lovely nature walk you have there. 🙂


    • J, you’re right about the rain leading to green. I think that it can be pretty around here any time of year, but only if you can put up with hazy overcast skies. If you must have blue skies every day, then this is not the state for you.


  4. Gorgeous! I love the sights you captured with your eyes and other senses. (and on your camera for us to share) We have LOTS of green here, but mostly everygreen trees, so colors aren’t as vivid. (not as many dropping leaves though either)


    • Margaret, thanks. I love to take my camera along when we go to the various parks around here. I never have a plan about what I’m going to photograph, so my results surprise me. I’ve been to your part of the world and you’re right, the colors weren’t so vivid. Hadn’t thought of that before.


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