A Sunday Morning Walk In What Amounts To The Wilderness For Us Suburban Folk, Part 2 Of 2


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Having first walked through acres of cheerful wild flowers in a native grassland enhancement area, Zen-Den & I took a different path in the nature preserve that lead us deep into a dark forest under gray skies.  Here is some of what we saw…


the spooky remains of a rotted out tree…


dainty purplish wild flowers growing in the shade…


a rustic wooden yes-I-can-see-between-the-planks-to-the-stream-below bridge…


lichen-covered logs in groovy colors and patterns…


and lots of bright green moss.

[Part 1 was yesterday.]

10 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning Walk In What Amounts To The Wilderness For Us Suburban Folk, Part 2 Of 2

    • Thanks Beth! I enjoy taking photos of small details and the muted [weird] colors within the forest were trippy. Made for a unique opportunity. Wonder what the forest will look like in the winter months, if we can even get back there then. [Lots of hills. Area destined to be permanently closed sometime soon.]


    • Carrie, thanks. The bridge was cool and with all the leaves every which way, you’d have had a dandy time kicking the leaves around. Sorry that I didn’t think to do that!


  1. Good heavens, you need to be a nature photographer. I would pay money for prints of some of your shots. Please tell me you’re using an actual camera and not a phone. 🙂


    • Margaret, you flatter me. I’m using a top of the line point and shoot camera. It’s a Nikon Coolpix P520. It’s not as fancy as a DSLR but has some features built in. I bought it at CostCo a gazillion years ago & I still love it.


  2. You know Bean, if it wasn’t for me taking you the wrong direction on the trail, we would not have snapped some of these shots. Perhaps it was meant to be. This time.


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