In Which Sergeant Major Pouncey McMouserton Climbs A Tree

The other morning I happened to notice that something unusual was going on in the woods behind our house.


I saw that the neighbor’s cat, who I call Sergeant Major Pouncey McMouserton, had climbed up a tree where he seemed to be stuck about 15 feet above ground.  [He’s the tiny white dot that you can see in the middle of the photo above.  Look closely.]


He was sitting on a branch up in the tree like he was the Cheshire Cat, except that he wasn’t smiling.  At all.


Knowing that this was a wonderful blog post in the making, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos to document McMouserton’s process of getting unstuck.


He wasn’t panicky.  He wasn’t howling.  He wasn’t graceful.


But McMouserton was entertaining to watch as he slipped/tumbled/grabbed/backed down the tree and eventually plopped onto the leafy ground below.

DSCN4223 - Version 2

Then with a scowl directed at me, he walked away from his adventure and vanished into the woods behind our house.  [He’s that slight white smudge behind the leafy green forest undergrowth that you can see to the left of the almost leafless brown bush.  Really, he was there.  I swear.]

14 thoughts on “In Which Sergeant Major Pouncey McMouserton Climbs A Tree

  1. We have all had days like that. Such an unhappy face on the Sgt. Major. I hope he takes it out on the litle mousies, chipmunks & moles in the woods. Stay thirsty, My Friend.


  2. He was probably embarrassed, especially when he saw you taking pictures! Cats have an amazing ability to get themselves in and out of tough situations. How fun to watch!


    • Zazzy, yes he lurks in the shadows really well. His gray and whiteness just blends in. But when he’s walking around on the green grass, you notice him. I’ve no idea how he’ll look in the winter. Might see him, might not.


  3. Margaret, I don’t know how you did it, but your comment is attached to the page on which the last photo lives & is not showing up here on this blog post. I cannot respond to you there, so… you said:

    “Really can’t see the cat in this last photo. I love how aware and observant you are. I get way too self-absorbed sometimes. (not my best quality)”


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