Then The Rain Gutter Fell Off The Back Of The House


And Zen-Den* said: “It’s all good.”

And K the House Painter** said: “It’s all good.”

And I*** said: “NOOOOOOO!!!”

• • •

* He’s nuts, of course.  But he did manage to get the sales guy from the gutter company to come over to the house;  talk with the sales guy as he evaluated the damage caused by the heavy rain & high winds that ripped the gutter off of the house;  and sign a contract to have this company replace the fallen gutter.

Good job, Z-D.

**  He’s wise, of course.  First of all he’s already been to the house to cover the damaged gutter with tarps and received cash for his efforts.  Secondly, he’ll be the first person I call after the new gutter is in place because the new gutter & new wood will need to be painted the color of the house.

Once more.

***  I’m ticked, of course.  Because for the first time in years the exterior of our house is all the same color.  Plus, do you realize how much moolah this will cost us?  Hint: a 3-day roundtrip luxury resort getaway to Montego Bay, Jamaica, costs less than this will.  Hint: a new Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with the latest operating system, Yosemite, costs less than this will.  So what am I telling you here?


21 thoughts on “Then The Rain Gutter Fell Off The Back Of The House

    • Zazzy, technically we could use it, but our deductible is high so that it becomes “six to one, half a dozen the other.” That is: do we get money now, then deal with increased premiums later OR do we just pay for this ourselves and keep the premiums low? *mutter, mutter*


  1. I agree with Zazamataz. Does insurance help at all? Oh the woes of being a home owner! I hear more bad weather is coming your way:(


    • Beth, overall I enjoy being a home owner, but sometimes when dumb expensive outside stuff happens I remember fondly our days of condo ownership… when all this sort of crap was taken care of by other people who wanted to take care of this sort of crap.


  2. I hate spending money on things that you can’t really see or you don’t look at. That includes heating systems, water heaters and oh yes, gutters! I like to buy the pretty things like furniture and drapes.


  3. So sorry to hear it. We’re facing home repairs ourselves. Our house decided to have numerous things go wrong at once. Nothing is too major, but all will require outside help to repair. And money. And strangers in my home. (That last one might just bother this introvert most of all…)


  4. Things only break when you’ve decided to spend that money on something else that’s cool…..houses must secretly delight in showing their power..
    (and insurance claims? Not only the deductible…they don’t like you asking them to actually pay for something – they give you a black mark!….insurance companies must also secretly laugh…..


    • philmouse, you nailed the situation. There I was thinking that we might go on a quick little fall vacay, but NO. Casa de Bean had other ideas.

      And as for insurance, not even going to bother. Insurance companies have no intention of helping us, all they want is our money so that we might feel safe. As for actual help, not so much.


  5. Gutters are DUMB, although my late husband would approve of the blue tarp. I have approximately 100 of them in my garage, ready to be used if the time comes. I hate things that don’t work or need to be fixed, I prefer to feel that my home is somewhat under my control. Then there’s a leak, or a power outage or a windstorm that blows something down(part of my fence is iffy) and it all goes to h*ll in a handbasket. So, how much WILL it cost? Thousands? (never having planned a trip to Jamaica–LOL)


    • Margaret, when all is finished we’ll be out about $1700.00. That’s having tarps put up, getting wood replaced on the house, old gutter removed/new gutter installed & then the whole mess painted twice to match the house. Because the gutters won’t be ready until the week of Christmas, the painting will have to wait until the Spring. TO SAY THAT I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT.


      • Yes, because you’ll have to live with and look at the chaos for a LONG time. If the weather is bad, just stay inside and read or admire the beauty of your furniture and floors. Try not to think about the mismatched house outside. 😦


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