A Sunday With Purple Zombies And Deceitful Politicians

This morning is the first time this month that it has looked like winter outside.  There’s a dusting of white snow but it isn’t deep enough to cover the tops of the green grass blades.

I’m not surprised to see the snow this morning.  All day yesterday the TV weather forecasters were babbling about Monday’s SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!

You know how they get.

So yesterday, while anticipating this snowy Monday morning, we decided to spend the day at home getting the bounce back in our pounce.  Which is to say that we, two adults without children, played a board game and binge-watched a TV show.

# # #

We purchased our game on Saturday while shopping at an outlet mall.  We wandered into a toy and game store where I found a board game version of RISK.  Subtitled: THE GAME OF SUBURBAN DOMINATION.  Further sub-titled: PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES.

How cute is that?

So we bought the game and decided to make it our Sunday goal to learn how to play one of the three games available within the box.  We went with the easiest game in the box that I’d describe as a mixture of Chess, Jumanji, You Sunk My Battle Ship, Backgammon and Football.  It’s not all that Risk-like, but oh is it entertaining to play!

# # #

In-between learning how to play (or in my case lose) our new game, we watched House of Cards [American version].  I am totally smitten with this show, that I’d ignored until a few weeks ago when Kevin Spacey won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Drama.

Now, having watched 6 episodes of House of Cards, I’m fascinated by Francis and Claire.  They are amazing sociopathic characters.  I cannot imagine what deceitful, immoral, unethical, sneaky, conniving, manipulative, under-handed thing either of them will do next. 

With a unpredictable plot line and a narrative arc like no other, this show is fun to watch;  especially, if you happen to have had any experiences, unfortunate or otherwise, with people like Francis and Claire.

Just saying.

# # #

So what did you, my gentle readers, do this past weekend?

Were you productive?  Were you healthful?  Or, were you homebodies, like us, who played games and watched TV?

Spill the beans in the comments below. 

18 thoughts on “A Sunday With Purple Zombies And Deceitful Politicians

  1. Weekends are always our time to decompress after a busy week. Saturday we started out by going to an estate sale, one of our favorite past times. We then went to see American Sniper (we are HUGE movie buffs and try to go to one each weekend). This movie was sold out, which every showing here has been. We all walked out at the end in complete silence. It was so eerie! It made me feel very patriotic again.
    Yesterday was bright and sunny and spring-like, a very beautiful day. We went to church, took the dog for a nice long walk, read books, and met the kids for dinner—a very peaceful day and wonderful start to the week:)


    • Beth, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend getting out and about. Of course, you had much nicer weather which lends itself to doing things outside. What with the impending snow and gray skies, we spent most of our time being delightfully sedentary!

      [As the Preacher said: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”]


  2. I can’t remember what I did this weekend. I made a wonderful pot roast (for the impending blizzard we are supposed to get tonight). Hmmm…spent a good part of yesterday on the computer. You know how that goes. I’m never quite sure what I did because I flit from here to there.


    • Kate, I know exactly what you mean. I get lost on the computer, either researching or writing or reading, that I have no idea where the hours go. But yesterday I was able to break free from the computer and all of its possibilities to enjoy an old-fashioned lazy Sunday. Must do that more often!

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  3. I’ve been helping my mother after her surgery. I had planned to stay longer in New England, but thanks to the scary blizzard ahead that’s the topic du jour on CNN, I decided to drive home yesterday. Glad I did. My drive there was harrowing enough. I didn’t need a repeat performance!

    I haven’t watched House of Cards, but I hear so many good things about it. Nothing much beats a night of binge-watching.


  4. I had a bunch of remodeling going on and it was very stressful. I did manage a coffee date with a friend on Sunday. I need to start watching more TV. It would be a distraction.


    • Margaret, I hear ‘ya. Remodeling is nice when it’s over, but suffering through the process is a problem that you have to live with.

      As for TV, there are lots of well-written, smartly produced shows on many of the cable channels. It’s just a matter of finding one or two that you want to follow. May I suggest you start with House of Cards? 😉


  5. It seems the only well written shows with actual plots, well developed characters, and witty dialogue are on cable channels. We may go to streaming shortly and ditch cable/satellite – it’s getting expensive and we rarely watch enough for it to be worth it…except Dog TV right now…a must have…the “calm/relaxation” segments really do make dogs sleepy…and I could use a few sleepy dogs right now!


    • Our days with cable may be numbered, too. We still have it, but usually watch shows on Netflix or Hulu Plus. I like intelligent TV on my schedule, a concept that seems to baffle cable TV providers.


  6. Ted and I walked to breakfast on Saturday, which was lovely. I generally get bacon and eggs when I go out for breakfast, but I’m trying life without beef or pork right now (seeing if it helps with my rheumatiod arthritis, which I do not believe it has made a difference), so eggs are out. I can eat eggs at home with no bacon, but not at a restaurant. So I had a waffle and some fruit, which was very good indeed.

    I love House of Cards. Really really good. We also toy with the idea of getting rid of cable, and actually went without for a little while, but there are enough tv shows that I love, to keep us from going back. Parenthood, The Good Wife, Mad Men, The Walking Dead (Ted’s show, not mine), and Downton Abbey.


    • J, I’d enjoy being able to walk to a restaurant, but here in this suburb that’s a no go. It’s drive a car or eat at home.

      You’re the second blogger this week who has mentioned changing her diet to attempt to alleviate a medical problem. I wish you well with it. If it works, then yahoo! And if not, waffles for breakfast aren’t a bad thing.

      You hit the nail on the head with why we keep cable: The Good Wife and Downton Abbey. Plus to get any local news we need cable. Still, it costs so much and seems to provide so little.


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