A Harbinger Of Spring: Hello Mr. Stink Bug




The itsy bitsy stink bug walked ‘cross the window sill,

down came the shade and made him take a spill.

Up came the shade and found him walking tall,

and the itsy bitsy stink bug was not fazed at all.


We started spring cleaning over the weekend.  Or, to be more accurate, we started Spring Let’s-Get-Rid-Of-All-This-Stuff-In-The-Basement-ing over the weekend.  As we did so, a friendly, non-judgmental stink bug, who wanted nothing more than to continue to live on our window sill, regardless of the amount of junk in our basement, watched us.  And then, without any qualms whatsoever, he posed for a photo.

12 thoughts on “A Harbinger Of Spring: Hello Mr. Stink Bug

    • Andra, so far we’ve found two things: 1) a Christmas dragon that got separated from the rest of the decorations so he didn’t make it to the party this year, AND 2) a signed copy of The New Industrial State.

      Trippy finds, eh?


  1. That looks alot like me when I got Professor JK Galbraith’s signature in 1979. I was so much hotter when I was young, get it – hotter? Dragon? HAAA!!


    • Kate, ours do the same thing. I find them in the most annoying places, like inside the folds of the drapes. But this little guy charmed me with his insistence that he belonged in plain sight on top of the window sill. Why else would I write him a song?

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  2. Such a clever little song! I never would have thought to write a song for a stink bug. What a lucky little guy! And at least in cleaning out basements, closets, attics, etc. it’s fun to find long lost items, even your “hot” little dragon! Here’s to finding more fun items from the past!


    • Beth, fun items from the past I’m good with, but most of the stuff that we have is not in the fun category… it’s in the what-the-heck-do-I-do-with-it category!


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