A Quiet Sunday Afternoon At Home With A Patient On The Mend


“Ms. Bean, what the heck are you doing this weekend? I see you messing around with frozen peas. Now if it was peanuts I’d understand, but peas? Please explain, I’m all ears.”

•  Looking out the window today I see, beyond an inquisitive squirrel staring in at me, a spring day filled with pale blue sky above leafless gray trees.  A couple of daffodils have made their appearance in the yard, but the forsythia bushes are showing no sign of joining the daffs.

Outside the temperature is in the upper 30s/lower 40s, which is more wintry than springy.  However, I’m not going anywhere today so the weather can do that which it wants to do without me whining about it.

As if I have any control over it to begin with.

•  I’m at home today looking after Zen-Den who had surgery [to correct ptosis] on his eyes on Friday.  His recuperation is going well.  He’s walking around the inside of the house without any trouble, able to see well enough to play Farm Heroes on his iPhone.

And beginning to get bored with the 20 minutes on/20 minutes off post-surgery eye icing schedule.  No longer do the little plastic bags of frozen peas, used to ice his eyes, charm him with their whimsical healing properties.

No, he’s leaning toward grumpy now– and I fear that he’d rather eat the peas than wear them.  But I persevere and follow him around with the little green ice packs, forcing him to use them for at least 10 minutes on/30 minutes off.

This schedule will have to do.

•  And with that I’m off to bake some banana bread.  The surgeon’s office did not specifically mention it as necessary for a proper recuperation, but I figure it can’t hurt.  Zen-Den loves it– and it might just be the thing to coerce him into cooperating with me and those damned little plastic bags of frozen peas.

“If you sit still with your pea packs on for 20 minutes, then you can have a big slice of banana bread afterwards.  Now wouldn’t that be nice?”

Later, kids.  Much to do.

20 thoughts on “A Quiet Sunday Afternoon At Home With A Patient On The Mend

    • Kate, overall he’s doing well and being cooperative, but sitting still is proving to be the biggest trick to all of this. It’s the weekend and he wants to be doing things. Sitting around with peas on your eyes is not high on his list of weekend fun!

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  1. This just made me laugh! (Sorry Zen-Den!) I can just see you chasing him around with bags of peas:) I sure hope his eyes heal quickly and he can get back to his weekends of being able to “do” things. Mr. squirrel sure does look like he’s worried about what’s going on in your house! Stay warm and enjoy the rest of the day.


    • Beth, Z-D is even laughing at himself about this. He knows that he must do the pea packs, so he does. But in his own way! As for staying warm, I’m told that by Wednesday it’ll be in the 70s around here, so if I stay bundled until then I’ll be fine. Of course, after that I’ll start complaining about it being too warm! 😉


  2. And the B-bread is excellent! Thanks for the first-class treatment, Bean. Feeling better already, although I sure don’t look it.


    • Zen-Den, you are welcome. Glad that you liked the banana bread and are feeling better, even if you do still look like Rocky Balboa after his fight with Apollo Creed. 😉


    • Ain’t it the truth? For the last month this little guy keeps looking into our house like he’s planning a nut heist. So far the peanut butter is still in the pantry, but should it disappear I’d not be surprised.


  3. Glad that Z-D is recovering nicely and I agree with the others that the image of you chasing him around with little packs of peas tickles me. The banana bread bribe was kind of you. You could have just duct taped the peas to his face.

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    • Zazzy, you brilliant woman! Made me laugh out loud on that one. Duct tape. Why didn’t I think of that? So much less messy than cleaning up the kitchen after baking.


  4. Nice warm Banana bread should cure anything.( I’m going to remember that duct tape to hold the peas idea…better than stretchy headbands I’ve been thinking will eventually come back in style so they are still here…)
    Hope he’s healing on schedule and you’re seeing some sun and able to get outside in it.


    • philmouse, Zen-Den is doing great. I’m sure it was the banana bread that helped him heal so quickly. 😉 He looks like a hound dog with a hangover, but his vision is fine and he’s back to work today, wearing shades so as to not scare his co-workers.

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    • D. Parker, thanks. He’s doing great and no longer looks like he got beat up in a bar fight. It was simple surgery, but… is any surgery ever really simple?


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